New neighbour is a convicted paedophile – we fear for our daughters

DEAR DEIDRE: LAST year a new neighbour moved in, and at first we got on well with him.

He is in his fifties and single.

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But when I took in a parcel with a different name attached, I discovered through newspaper reports he is a convicted paedophile and has served seven years in prison.

I’m 38, my wife is 35 and we have two daughters aged 11 and seven.

Another family who live opposite are good friends and also get on well with this guy.

We contacted the police to get more information through Sarah’s Law and they warned us we wouldn’t be able to tell ­anyone else or we’d be ­liable for prosecution.

So we withdrew our enquiry.

We don’t want things to escalate but feel we should also let our friends know.

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DEIDRE SAYS: Your priority will always be the safety of your children and others.

Under Sarah’s Law, information disclosed by the police cannot be shared.

But this restriction does not apply to facts you discovered through the news.

It is understandable you may want to let your friends know what you have discovered but it is best not to broadcast this information because registered sex offenders are safest when settled and known to the police.

The confidential Stop It Now! helpline and live chat ( 0808 1000 900) can talk you through the issues.

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