Never use your tumble dryer again thanks to sneaky washing machine button people ALWAYS ignore – it'll save you £100s | The Sun

HOMEOWNERS have been advised to never use their tumble dryer again thanks to a sneaky washing machine button.

Most people ignore the handy button but it could save you hundreds of pounds over the course of a year.

Tumble dryers can be energy and cash guzzling machines costing around 67p per cycle.

In warmer months we can hang clothes on washing lines outside, but the chance to do this becomes rarer and rarer as we head towards winter.

But there is a way to reduce the drying time on what is one of the most energy-hungry devices in your home during colder conditions.

One social media user revealed that using the spin cycle had saved her loads of cash over the years.

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This works by speeding up the drying process after your fresh but wet laundry is finished.

Posting on X, formerly Twitter, Deanne said: "After I have done a load of washing I always put the load on an extra spin to get more water out of the clothes will be quicker to dry then."

Another user replied: "I love this one, my grandma taught me this one.

"Very handy if you're putting your clothes on a maiden to try, knocks about six hours off the drying time".

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Others recommended hanging your washing outside despite the more wintery conditions.

They wrote: "Continue to hang your washing outside in winter when the weather allows.

"Might only be 80 per cent dry but that's 80 per cent less energy required in the tumble dryer."

Remember, the price of running a tumble dryer depends on what type of machine you buy.

But on average, Uswitch estimates a tumble dryer uses roughly 4.5 kWh of energy per cycle.

Each kWh of energy you use costs 14.37p – which means that you'll be coughing up roughly 67p per cycle.

For big families who do three loads of washing a week, that could mean you're spending £104.52 a year tumble drying your clothes.

Another way to reduce your tumble dryer use is by doing an extra ten minute spin in the washing machine first to get it drier beforehand.

Will Owen, energy expert at, said: "The longer your tumble dryer’s cycle, the more money it will cost you.

"If your clothes are dripping wet, it will have to run much longer to get them dry, increasing your energy bill dramatically."

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In addition, turning down the cycle heat, or just giving your tumble dryer a good clean could help reduce your bill.

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