My sister gave her baby a humiliating name

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On the social media app Reddit, there is a forum called ‘AmItheA******’ in which people ask if they are morally wrong or right in a given situation. This week, one man’s post has gotten a lot of attention with over four thousand comments after he revealed his sister wished to name a baby after a fictional character. 

An upset uncle has taken to the internet after he revealed that his sister was about to call a newborn Cowboy after the character of the same name played by the actor Steven Williams on the western television show Yellowstone. 

He wrote in her post: “My sister is obsessed with the show Yellowstone. Her husband is willing to do anything to make her happy. They want to name their baby Cowboy.” 

The man went on to say he ended up speaking to his sister about his concern about the name even though he knows he “should have kept my mouth shut.” The man wrote: “I just know the absolute s*** that kid will go through.”

The concerned man went on to write: “So I told her to consider that she was naming a person who would eventually be an adult.” He also wrote that his sister was upset by his suggestion and that she called him an “a******” for calling the baby’s name “stupid”,

He went on to write: “Our mom and dad at least had the decency to only give me Danger as a middle name. Yes, I’ve seen the f***ing movie.” 

The man turned to Reddit to ask if he was in the wrong or not, but the comment section was overwhelmingly on his side. 

In the comment section, one user asked the man if his family were at least from the southwest of America, as the user said the name is “far worse” if they are not. The man answered that he was from Delaware, on the east coast. 

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Somebody else joked that at least the baby was not going to be called ‘Cowboy Danger’ to which the man jokingly replied: “Hey!”  

The most popular comment, with over 24 thousand likes, said that Cowboy was a “stupid name” and added that statistics suggest men with unusual names are more likely to have issues finding a job than women. 

The user wrote: “Boys with weird names are treated as ‘less than’ (make less money, get fewer jobs) as boys with classic names. Don’t mess up your boys – Give them normal names.”

Another user who claimed to be a teacher told the uncle: “Tell your sister a teacher, who will have to call out that name at school every day, is telling her it is a terrible idea.”

Other users assured the man he was not wrong to question the baby’s name, as commentators said Cowboy was a “dumb name” or that it was “a good name for a dog.” 

Some people suggested that the child would end up suffering for having such an unusual name. One person wrote that the child was going to have to go by ‘CB’ as a nickname while somebody else wrote that middle school children would end up calling him ‘Cow’.

Another user wrote to the man: “You tried. Poor kid’s gonna get hell in high school, college and the rest of his life.”

One woman who claimed to be from Alberta suggested the man’s sister would be “bullied to death” if she took her child to the south. She wrote: “I hate to think how the ranchers would react if I introduced my son to them with that name.”

She suggested some other names that could fit other than Cowboy. The woman said: “Seriously if she wants to name him something Western then go for something like Wyatt, Buck, Jesse, Jack, etc.

“I mean the ranchers I know personally are all called things like Bob, James, Scott, Tom or John, but nothing screams Townie like calling your kid Cowboy.”

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