My partner and I wanted to buy a dream home but it’s tearing us apart – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: IT was always our dream to buy our own home – but it seems to have wrecked our relationship.

My girlfriend and I are both 24 and were happy together for nearly three years.

She is the driving force, insisting we get the type of house she wanted in the location she liked.

The house needs a lot of work doing (it was all we could afford) and she wants it to be perfect before we move in, which will take months.

The trouble is she is impatient and says I am not doing the DIY quickly enough.

I found that frustrating and I probably did get a bit snappy. Now she says we are incompatible and should split up and sell the house.

DEIDRE SAYS: It’s time- consuming and stressful doing up a house.

Do not just call off your relationship, at least for now.

Tell her you both need to take deep breaths, build some down time into the refurbishing schedule, and compromise – crucial for a lasting relationship.

Together, draw up a realistic timetable of how and when you are going to get everything done and accept that everything cannot be perfect before you move in.

That’s how real life is.

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