Mum praises Mrs Hinch’s products which transformed filthy washing machine for £4

If you’ve only just noticed how dirty your washing machine drawer is, here’s a handy cleaning hack for you.

A woman has inspired us all to get our cleaning gloves on after posting her trick on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook group.

She shared incredible before and after photos online, then wrote: “Feeling inspired by my Mrs Hinch book and journal.

“Though I feel frustrated with all the tasks I have planned to do, it has [revived my mundane] daily life. First task was washing machine all done and sorted.”

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The woman covered the drawer in the cleaning sensation’s favourite £1 Pink Stuff paste, which focused on the areas of black mould.

She then covered the top of her machine in the purse-friendly paste and Dr Beckmann’s £3 washing machine cleaning to tackle any limescale or dirt inside.

Then within minutes, the washing machine drawer looked completely new – after some scrubbing too.

Members of the Facebook group were equally impressed by the woman’s efforts, with many leaving a comment on the post.

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One wrote: “Well done and thank you so much for sharing how you did it… you have inspired me… thank you!”

Another added: “Looks like new!!!”

A third commented: “Well done. If that was my machine I would of bought a new one instead of cleaning it.”

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