Mum-of-six battling cancer vows to make family memories after chemotherapy fails

A mum-of-six battling cancer has said she now plans to create family memories after being told her chemotherapy failed.

Jill Boyle, 39, was diagnosed with cervical cancer last August and, despite undergoing extensive treatment, has now been told she has three to six months to live.

The doting mum, from Ayrshire, Scotland, is now awaiting a surgery to extend her time left, but plans to make the most life has to offer with her family.

Jill and the family are now raising money to create lasting memories for her children – including two-year-old twins Star and Summer, Elle, 19, Erin, 17 and Robbie, 14.

Husband Mark’s aunties, Andrea Collins and Janet Dempsey, have been key to the fundraising and they have organised a psychic night for later this month, reports the Daily Record.

Andrea told the Post: “Jill just wants to create some memories with her kids. She came out of hospital on Thursday and is still waiting for this operation.

“If the operation is a success it will give her extra time. But it doesn’t look like she will get any better because she’s not getting any more chemotherapy.

“We are having a lot of fundraising to try and get her money to create memories from things like days out.

“She’s not going to be fit enough to go anywhere on holiday, but one of our friends has offered her use of their caravan at Southerness near Dumfries next month.

“They can go to the caravan if she is fit enough but they would need transport there, so that’s the kind of thing the money will be used for.

“And she also wants to create a memory box so the kids can remember her.”

Jill was diagnosed with cervical cancer last August and has undergone extensive treatment since then.

The former self-employed hairdresser had fallen ill after the twins were born but had assumed that was down to the pregnancy.

Three months later she fell pregnant again – and the cancer was later discovered.

Janet explained: “She complained about pains when she was pregnant but assumed it was because of the twins.

“But three months later she fell pregnant again and by the time they found out what it was, it was too far gone with the kid.

“It’s been horrible because Jill hasn’t able to spend time with the wee ones like she would want to.

“Mark is trying to put a brave face on, for the sake of his kids he is trying his hardest.

“They are trying to think of a positive outcome.

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