Mum of boy who died in cheese flicking shares poignant final image in hospital

The mum of a schoolboy who died after he had cheese flicked at him at school has shared a poignant final image of him in hospital.

Karanbir Cheema suffered a severe allergic reaction and died after the incident at William Perkin C of E High School in Greenford, west London.

Rina Cheema says she has been 'living in a black hole' since the death of her 13-year-old son in July 2017, 10 days after he fell seriously ill at the school. 

The teenager had a severe allergy to dairy products and suffered an anaphylactic reaction after the dairy product was flicked at him.

Karanbir was taken to hospital in a life-threatening condition and died with his parents by his side.

Rina has now shared a picture of him in hospital shortly before his death.

Speaking to the BBC about his death she said: "I live in a black hole. Angry.

"My life is without my son. It's something that's going to haunt me for the rest of mt life.

"I sent him to a place where I thought he'd be safe, only to find out nobody knew what they were doing.

"If they knew that allergies causes problems – it's no harm giving him an EpiPen. They could have given him an EpiPen.

"Or even dialled 999 straight away. He would be here with me today."

The grieving mum wants pupils to understand an allergy can kill and not to 'take an allergy as a joke'.

She added: "That's why I keep on saying to everybody: 'Please take allergies seriously.'

"Because it costs lives and again it has cost lives."

Karanbir was severely allergic to wheat, gluten, all dairy products, eggs and all nuts and eggs, was asthmatic and suffered from atopic eczema .

Speaking in May Rina, 53, said she regretted not having hugged Karanbir, known as Karan, and not telling him how much she loved him before he set off for school the day the tragedy happened.

Rina told the Daily Mail at the end of the inquest that she is still struggling to understand how those mindless actions led to the death of her only child.

She said: "How could something like this have happened at school? It's the one place where he should have been safe."

Rina said she is still tormented by Karan's final conscious moments when he clawed at neck so much he made his skin bleed.

Within ten minutes, he ripped off his shirt, screamed and thumped his chest while telling staff: "I'm going to die."

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