Mother recreates a Harry Style concert for her daughter in sweet video

Mum direction! Mother recreates a Harry Styles concert in the front room to cheer up her teenage daughter after the event was cancelled due to coronavirus

  • Supermum Paula Slater wanted to cheer daughter Charley up during lockdown
  • Teen had her prom, GCSE and Harry Styles concert postpone due to pandemic 
  • Paula, from Lancashire, decided to recreate the artist’s concert at home 
  • Younger daughter Scarlet, 8, was both a security guard and support act 
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

A supermum went the extra mile to cheer her teenage daughter up during the coronavirus lockdown. 

Paula Slater, 43, from Penwortham  in Lancashire, felt bad for her daughter Charley, 16, who could not attend a Harry Styles concert due to the current confinement guidelines around the UK amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The mother, currently isolating with her husband and two daughters, teenager Charley and Scarlet, eight, said the concert’s postponement was the ‘last blow’, after the teen saw her last day of school, prom and GCSEs cancelled due to the health crisis. 

Decided to cheer her up, Paul and the rest of the family put together a special Harr Style concert in their front room,  complete with a first and second act, a non-alcoholic – bar and a merchandise booth. 

Paula captured the event on camera, starting with Charley ‘going’ to the concert where she was searched by a security guard – Scarlet in  a yellow jacket, accompanied by the family’s Westie playing the role of sniffer dog.

Paula Slater, 43, from Penwortham in Lancashire, felt bad for her daughter Charley, 16, who could not attend a Harry Styles concert due to the current confinement guidelines around the UK amid the COVID-19 pandemic. She decided to throw a ‘lockdown concert’ at home to cheer her up (pictured: Charley dancing at home)

Paula recreated a complete concert experience, waving off her partner Rich and Charley as they prepared to ‘drive’ to the concert

The video started with Paula and Charley sitting in the family’s garden. 

‘Charley, was it meant to be the Harry Styles concert tonight?’ Paula asked. 

When Charley said yes, her mother replied:  ‘Has he postponed it?’

She then went on to explain: ‘Did you know there’s a lockdown concert special thing?

Charley’s little sister Scarlet, eight, was in charge of security and searched the teen’s bag at the door (pictured: Scarlet in a yellow jacket)

Scarlet was in charge of several booths during the evening, including the merchandise booth *(pictured) where she sold hoodies and t-shirts

‘Well apparently he’s doing something tonight and if you had tickets to his concert you can go to this place and it’s all done properly, you know, social distancing and all that, and they’re gonna air it on a big screen but you have to show your tickets’ 

‘But that’s tonight, like in about a hour, you’ve gonna have to go and get ready. How exciting, something to do,’ Paula laughed. 

When Charley emerged from her room, ready to go out for the evening, Paula and Scarlet waved her off as she got into the car with Paula’s partner Rich.

Instead of driving off, the car made a u-turn, and Charley ended up in front of the family’s front door, where ‘Security Scarlet’ awaited her in a yellow jacket and demanded her ticket. 

Paula told Charley (pictured with the family dog Freddie) Harry Styles was having a social distancing concert that evening, and that she needed to go get ready 

Once inside, Scarlet stood behind a table and said: ‘ I’m security, please can I have your bag. 

‘I’m just gonna get my sniffer dog,’ Scarlet said, before getting the family’s Westie Freddie to sniff Charley’s bag. 

‘So, Charley, I’d like to welcome you to the Harry Style Love On Tour lockdown concert, enjoy your evening,’ Paula said, before her daughter opened the door to the livin room, which has been decorated for the occasion with blue fairy lights. 

Applause and excited screams erupted from a recording to recreate the atmosphere of a concert area. 

‘Well I felt so bad you couldn’t go to the Harry Styles concert so we thought we’d get Harry Styles here, so you can have your own private performance,’ Paula explained to a gobsmacked Charley. 

The family put a lot of effort in the evening, with Scarlet minding a non-alcoholic bar and a merchandise booth with hoodie and t-shirts for sale, complete with prices. 

Scarlet (pictured) welcomed her sister at the door and insisted she kept her distance while she checked her tickets 

Charley (pictured) was confused after getting out of the car, but was amazed by the decorations her family had put together in the living-room for the concert

Paula even created one of the mandatory ‘concert’s long queue to the loo,’ using Scarlet’s toys.  

Later, Scarlet handed her big sister a VIP backstage pass ‘for a meet-and-greet with Harry Styles himself’ as well as a programme. 

The ‘concert’ then kicked off, with Paula, Rich and Scarlet performing a dance routine to the Weeknd’s Blinding Lights as the first warm up act. 

Scarlet, a jack-of-all-trades, then sang along to karaoke on TV as the second support act of the night. 

A real jack-of-all-trades, Scarlet was the first warm up act of the evening with a song on the karaoke (pictured)  

Rich and Paula (pictured) also did a warm up for the crowd, dancing like crazy in the living room 

When the main event came, Paula put a Harry Styles concert on the TV, and Charley and Scarlett danced around the living room. 

Soon, the whole family, including the dog, were dancing to One Direction’s What Makes You Beautiful.’

For the grand finale, Rich and Scarlet aimed a confetti bomb over Charley, who was still dancing. 

 Harry Styles holds a special place in the family’s heart, because he helped the teenager through the death of her sister, eight years ago, who died of cancer. 

Harry Styles super fan Charley danced the night away in her family’s front room as Paula laughed 

For the grand finale, the family blew up a confetti bomb, and Scarlet rolled on the floor with Freddie (pictured)


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