More couples are taking on debt to have Instagram-worthy weddings. Here's how much it costs to get married in the US

  • The average cost ofgetting married in the US is $38,700,according to WeddingWire’s 2019 Newlywed report.
  • That includes the price for anengagement ring,honeymoon, and ceremony/reception.
  • How much it costs to get married depends on location, if you have multiple celebrations, and, largely, if you fall victim to the pressure of having an Instagram-worthy wedding.
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Weddings don’t come cheap.

In fact, weddings are so expensive that 28% of couples around the world go into debt to pay for them,reported Business Insider’s Erin McDowell, citingWeddingWire’s 2019 Global Wedding report.

In the US, the average cost to get married is $38,700,according to WeddingWire’s 2019 Newlywed report, which looked at data from more than 18,000 US-based newlyweds who got married in 2018. The ceremony and reception takes up a huge chunk of that, at $29,200.

Here’s a brief look at how that totalbreaks down:

  • Officiant: $300
  • Cake and desserts: $550
  • Invitations/stationery: $550
  • Lighting and décor: $1,400
  • Dress: $1,700
  • Flowers: $1,800
  • Photography: $2,400
  • Band: $3,900
  • Catering: $6,700
  • Venue: $9,000

And that’s not even all of it — that’s just looking at ten of the most popular ceremony and reception staples.

Another factor to keep in mind is that your wedding cost is likely to vary depending on your location — in the New York City metro area, the average wedding cost is $50,000, but in Cleveland, Ohio, it’s $22,000, according toWeddingWire.

The costs don’t end there

The breakdown above doesn’t count two other common, wedding-related costs: the engagement ring and the honeymoon, which, according toWeddingWire, clock in at an average of $5,000 and $4,500 respectively.

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Jeffra Trumpower, creative director of WeddingWire,previously told Business Insider that the honeymoon is about 11.6% of the average couple’s total budget in the US. Likewise, wedding planner Tyler Speier told Business Insider he recommends that couples set aside anywhere from 10% to 15% of their wedding budget for their honeymoon.

Regardless of what you spend on your wedding from beginning to end, it can always get more expensive if you fall victim to the pressure of having an “Instagram-worthy” wedding.Online lenders told The Washington Post they’re issuing up to four times as many wedding loans as they did a year ago as millennial couples try to have their dream wedding,reported Business Insider’s Mary Hanbury.

You might also end up paying more if you’re one of the growing number ofcouples having multiple wedding ceremonies, which can exceed $100,000 when all the costs are added up.

And if you’re thinking aboutgetting married and buying a house in the same year— two life milestones that have traditionally gone hand in hand — be prepared to spend upwards of $50,000 in most major US metro areas.

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