Money Saving Expert says tweaking job title can save you £100s on car insurance

Car insurance premiums can be expensive so most people will want to know how to save each month or year.

Martin Lewis' website has explained how you can save up to £100 on your car insurance by tweaking your job title.

Insurance providers will use your job as one of the factors to determine the cost of your premium.

Often you'd be asked to pick which best describes your occupation from a list of pre-set job titles.

If there's more than one title that can be applied to what you do, it's worth checking which description will give you a cheaper quote.

The Money Saving Expert website isn't asking you to lie about your job as it could risk you being accused of fraud.

For example, the MSE saw one person save £100 by saying they worked in "software" instead of "computer games".

Writing in their weekly newsletter, the website said: "You can't claim to be a barrister if you're a barista (or vice versa).

"But clever savings are possible with small tweaks. Our fun job picker tool can help and explains what's legit and what's not."

The website has a "job picker" tool where you can check various roles to see which comes out cheaper.

  • Car insurance customers warned if they don't shop around they'll 'pay more money'

It works by entering the amount you usually pay yearly for your car insurance premium, followed by your job title.

Just remember it will be down to you to check which one describes your job role best.

If you're unsure, you can speak to your insurance provider, especially if you have two jobs.

Are you looking for other ways to save money on your car insurance?

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Previously, car insurance customers were warned to shop around or they'll end up paying more.

According to the experts, drivers who automatically renew their insurance end up paying "more money".

It comes after new analysis found car insurance prices have dropped to the lowest level in six years due to the pandemic.

The average cost of insurance decreased by £87 over the past 12 months in a 14% deduction.

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