Melania Trump finds it ‘difficult to inject personality’ in White House for this reason

Melania Trump has been the First Lady of the United States since 2017. Since Donald Trump was inaugurated as President, an expert revealed why Melania has struggled to “inject her personality”.


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Before Donald became President, Melania and Donald were already used to being in the limelight.

Melania had previously worked as a model and Donald enjoyed success as a businessman and television personality.

Like First Ladies before her, Melania has taken on a number of responsibilities while in the White House.

She has attended events with her husband and even set up a campaign of her own, Be Best.

This initiative focuses on the wellbeing of children and the former model has spoken about the importance of this many times.

Over the years, Melania has appeared confident when seen out, according to James Bryce, CEO and founder of communications analytics firm gweek.

Analysing speeches of her before becoming First Lady, James described her as “competent, confident and eloquent”.

However, he explained she was often “reading from prepared scripts or teleprompter.”

This is something that did not seem to change when she stepped into her political role, he explained.

James told “With Melania, there is very little change.

“This in itself suggests that she has persisted with a rehearsed and scripted approach.”

Although this technique seemingly helps the mother-of-one speak confidently, the expert explained it holds her back in other ways.


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While relying on pre-prepared scripts, Melania will not be able to show her full personality, James suggested.

“With this approach,” he explained, “she’ll find it difficult to inject her full personality into her delivery, due to her reliance on a tele-prompter.

“Her audience can only get a small sense of who she is, but not a full grip.”

While this technique might stop her showing her personality, it is likely the First Lady does this to minimise the chance of error while talking in public.

James said: “I would suggest that Melania has had some training to allow her to deal with high-pressure situations.

“For instance, she speaks at a controlled, diligent pace and sticks to the plan – leaving little room for error in her delivery.

“It would be interesting to see how she fares without a script or teleprompter for support.”

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