Meghan Markle: The surprising reason Duchess snubbed Royal Family with Archie

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, announced her pregnancy shortly after marrying Prince Harry, 35. Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor was born on 6 May 2019 and royal enthusiasts waited to catch a glimpse of the new baby. Since then, Archie Harrison has not often been spotted out in public.


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On the few occasions Meghan has stepped out with her son, fans have noticed her parenting style.

Although the Duchess is married to the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, Meghan had snubbed a few Royal Family parenting traditions.

Meghan has had a very particular goal in mind when doing this Zoe Bonser, Show Director at The Baby Show, told

She suggested: “One of the main areas that seems to consistently crop up when looking at Meghan is that privacy and giving baby Archie as normal upbringing as possible is key.

“For instance, Meghan and Harry chose to forego Archie’s royal title, keep him out of the spotlight, parent without an army of staff, etc.

“It seems that they are in their own happy, private bubble.”

The children of senior members of the Royal Family are often granted a title if they are not automatically given one.

It is thought the Queen offered a title to Archie, but this was declined by Meghan and Harry.

By skipping traditions like this, Meghan has tried to protect the privacy of her son as much as possible.

She also broke royal traditions during her pregnancy and immediately after the birth of Archie.

While most royal mother’s will pose with their newborn on the day they give birth, Meghan waited a couple of days.

She also opted for a different pram than most members of the Royal Family.


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Zoe added: “In keeping with giving Archie a normal upbringing, Meghan’s parenting style can be seen as modern and breaking with tradition.

“For instance, Megan chose to have her own birth plan that is different from the usual birth of royal babies.

“Also, they didn’t do the day-of birth photo op and chose a modern buggy rather than from the classic Silver Cross brand used by royals for generations.”

By analysing their parenting decisions, it seems Meghan and Harry have been keen to do things their own way.

It is likely the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have done this to try to give their son as normal a life as possible, according to the expert.

Royal fans might now see less of Archie Harrison in the future following Meghan and Harry’s “step back” from their role as senior royals.

They have confirmed their time will be split between raising Archie in the UK and in Canada as they no longer carry out official duties on behalf of the Queen.

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