Meghan Markle Reportedly Thinks Prince Harry and Prince William Can "Patch Things Up Eventually"

Welp, if there is at least one* good (decent? bearable?) thing about the current pandemic, it’s that it’s giving Prince William and Prince Harry a chance to reconnect…kinda. As you may recall, the rift between Harry and William went even deeper once Harry made the decision alongside his wife, Meghan Markle, to step back from their senior royal duties and move to Canada. Turns out, Meghan felt somewhat responsible for how ugly things got between Harry and William post-Megxit, but the good news is that the world crisis has allowed them to shift gears a bit.

According to an Us Weekly source, Meghan’s “conscience is clear” now, “and she’s not beating herself up for things she can’t control” anymore. At the same time, though, Meghan’s confident that Harry and William “will patch things up eventually.” Sure, “eventually” is an iffy word, but I’ll take it.

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