Married traveller, 19, keeps sofas covered in plastic so they never get dirty

A traveller has revealed the bizarre way she keeps her sofa in pristine condition without a single drop of dust.

Kathleen Johnson, 19, often shares insights of life living as an "English gypsy" on TikTok and lifts lids on the little-known community to viewers.

In March, she married to her non-traveller husband and recently revealed that it's a tradition that the groom had to pay for all the expenses for their wedding.

She also regularly posts about her caravan settings and shows how she kept things tidy in the small living space.

But fans couldn't help but notice her set of chic grey-coloured sofas covered in a plastic film.

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In a follow-up video, she addressed one viewer who asked: "It's lovely, I just don't understand why anyone would want to keep a couch covered in plastic."

Kathleen admitted she didn't like to sit on the sofa with plastic cover on but the main reason to do so was to keep the furniture clean.

She said: "The reason why we put plastic on our seats is because obviously they’re not leather, and if anything, like, spilt on them, or anything, it gets destroyed.

"Luckily, my seats have got zips where you can take them off and wash them but I still put plastic on just in case."

The traveller said she could easily wipe off any liquid or dirt with the plastic on.

"Obviously when you're married and [my husband] coming back with their work clothes, making food," she added.

"I have a few little brothers and they are wild, they can keep nothing clean."

While other viewers wondered why she didn't pick to have leather sofa at first place, Kathleen said the interiors were non-customisable when she bought the trailer.

She also pointed out that the plastic cover does not make the sofa squeak when people sit on it .

"It makes no different, my plastic has come loose now so I need to take them off and put it on again," Kathleen added.

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