Lad tries to chat-up Tinder date with dad joke but it spectacularly backfires

A singleton wasn't impressed when her Tinder match tried to woo her with a light-hearted message.

He started the exchange off with a terrible dad joke – but failed to realise he'd made one massive mistake.

The hopeless romantic's message read: "Heya Cecilia, Here's a dad joke to keep your day going. How does a monkey cook his toast? Under a gorilla!"

A (very cringey) but seemingly harmless joke. However he made a rookie error.

The baffled woman replied with: "Cecilia?"

He probably had a sinking feeling in his chest when he realised he'd got his match's name totally wrong!

The man had made a mistake and had just copied and pasted the message from a previous chat!! Awkward…

He owned up though, saying: "That's because I shamelessly copied and pasted from the last woman I messaged and forgot to change the name to you."

The message was followed up with an awkward face emoji.

People took to the comments section – and funnily enough, seemed to have more of a problem with the dad joke than the mistake itself.

One person said: "The joke was worse than the copy/paste. Lol."

Another said: "I don’t get the gorilla joke."

A third penned: "As a fan of some of the dumbest dad jokes on the planet I give this a 0/10"

So if you're looking for love on Tinder make sure you double check the message!

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