Kent pub makes lunches even better by adding its own zoo with over 100 animals

Sitting in a beer garden sipping on Aperol Spritz is peak summer.

And while drinking away at the local might be your ideal Sunday, it can leave the kiddies feeling a bit bored. So the Fenn Bell Inn, in Rochester, Kent, has added a zoo to its pub.

While drinking a pint or a wine you can interact with over 100 animals, some of which have been rescued.

One of the only bars in the country to boast its own zoo, the pub has been named one of Britain’s most unusual.

You can expect to see the likes of lemurs, meerkats, marmosets, fishing cats, caracals, capuchins, racoons, monkeys, foxes, owls and goats.

As if pub lunches needed any improvement.

Parents looking for fun places for adults and children and can enjoy teaching their little ones about the circle of life too as there are lots of cute animal babies on show.

Meerkats and the stunning white foxes have recently become parents.

If you want to see all the creatures, a truck safari ride will take you around the site. Animal lovers can also have birthday parties at the zoo or enjoy events throughout the year.

Owners Andy and Kelly were granted a zoo licence for their property in 2017 and have since rescued and taken in animals from other zoos.

On their website, Andy explains how the endeavour started when he saw an advert to rehome two Kunekune pigs.

‘Me, my mum and daughter went down the following morning to see them, we followed her out of her back door and she shouted ‘Ginger, Spice!’ then two heads appeared and came running over,’ he says.

‘My heart melted and I fell in love with them. On the way home with Ginger and Spice I remember trying to think how we were going to explain these two to my wife!

‘Over the years this has happened on many occasions, I’ve promised not to take on any more and temptation has got the better of me.’

He explained that though people all over the country come to play with the animals, some do have concerns.

‘The most often asked question is “do we think it’s good to keep animals in enclosures?”

‘My answer would be no. I would love to see all animals free but the animals we keep here would not have the skills to live in the wild, they have been captivity bred.’

If you want to visit, just note that the zoo part of Fenn Bell Inn is open Wednesday to Sunday, from 10.30am – 6pm.

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