Kanye West Shows Campaign Merch Sales, Says 'Friends' Are Writing Him In on Presidential Ballots

He hasn’t said much about his presidential campaign in recent weeks, but left fans scratching their collective heads after touting his “Kanye 2020 Vision” merchandise sales and sharing a ballot with his name written in.

So Kanye West is still running for president? And he wants you to join his “friends” in writing him in?

After missing the deadline to get on the ballots in enough key states to make it possible for him to win the minimum number of electoral votes to secure the presidency, the erstwhile candidate has apparently not given up hope just yet.

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He also hasn’t been doing much campaigning, or really talking about his candidacy at all with any regularity. And with less then a month to go before the general election, you’d think he’d be out there hitting the streets or at least spreading his message if he was taking this seriously.

That’s why his fans and followers are more confused and frustrated than ever after he posted a couple of tweets on Thursday night touting his campaign merchandise sales and showing a picture of a ballot with his name written in as a write-in candidate.

That would, of course, be his only hope of winning at this point. So it’s basically impossible. No write-in candidate has ever had a notable showing in a presidential election.

He also didn’t address the fact that he is listed on the California ballot he shared as part of the American Independent Party, but not as the presidential candidate. He’s listed as Vice President with Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente Guerra as the Presidential candidate.

As if this story couldn’t get stranger! De La Fuente was also a candidate in the 2016 election, running under both the Reform Party and his own American Delta Party. This year, he is again the candidate for the Reform Party, as well as the Alliance Party and American Independent Party, where Kanye was listed as his VP candidate.

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According to Newsweek, De La Fuente didn’t choose Kanye as his running mate, nor did Kanye choose to be on that ticket. Instead, the party chose West on their own, with AIP Chairman Markham Robinson saying, “Well, he wasn’t available for President.”

That’s probably another reason why West chose to show the California ballot and emphasize that he should be a write-in candidate there. If his supporters choose the AIP ticket, they’ll be supporting a bid for VP that he never made.

Another Thursday tweet from Kanye appeared to be a sales breakdown of his campaign hats and hoodies sales, where Kanye revealed that he’s had 6,138 orders for a total of $864,980.

That’s certainly not enough money to make a dent in the campaign spending of either Biden or Trump, but there’s also the fact that Kanye and wife Kim Kardashian are both very wealthy. How much is he willing to invest in this campaign?

He’s already invested nearly $7 million in his own campaign, per Politico and other outlets, but what is he really trying to accomplish here? Has he ever been serious about running?

Actually making an effort to get on the ballot in so many states would seem to indicate he is, but his erratic attention to the actual work of campaigning has left many thinking that there may be some other motivation behind these moves.

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His fans can’t seem to figure it out, but they got him trending on Thursday as they tried to get to the bottom of it. Theories have included that this is all some elaborate publicity stunt, but for what purpose no one can fathom. Others have suggested it is a ploy to try and lure voters away from Joe Biden to help Donald Trump’s reelection.

But if either were the case, you would think Kanye would be making more of a concerted effort to be taken seriously as a candidate. At the moment, that definitely does not seem to be happening.

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