Jumpshots & Buzz Cuts: Why JayR Mallari Is Barber To The NBA Stars

From Stephen Curry to DeAndre Jordan, this A-list barber’s client list is chocked full of the biggest stars of the NBA. Brought up from humble beginnings, JayR has solidified himself as one of the most trusted guys to get that perfect shape up from.

Humble Beginnings

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Born Angelito Mallari, Jr.. JayR grew up in Vallejo, California with three brothers. He first started putting his clippers to use at a very early age. He started cutting hair in sixth grade to make some extra cash.

“I knew I’d only get one pair of shoes throughout the whole school year,” JayR recounts in a Hyperbeast feature about his career, “So I was always trying to figure out a way I could hustle and make some money.”

Stationed in his mother’s garage, the upcoming barber would cut his friend’s hair for only $5. Mallari soon built a sizable clientele and a strong reputation. After four months of diligent work, he succeeded his goal by splurging on some new kicks: a pair of Nike 97 Scottie Pippens.

He gained his barbering prowess after he graduated high school in 2005. He enrolled in the Paris Beauty College where he learned the basics of hair cutting.

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His talents soon brought him employment at a barbershop called Legends in Fairfax, Los Angeles. How’d he get the gig? All he had to do was ask, “What does it take to work here?”

When the barbers working at the shop saw the cuts he did on three models, he packed up all his belongs and was on his way to jumpstarting his career at Legends.

Cutting the Best

There, he got into contact with DeAndre Jordan of the Brooklyn Nets. In the Hyperbeast feature, the rapport between Mallari and the NBA All star have cultivated over the years.

“When I first met DeAndre, his hair was short. The first time I cut his hair, it was just an all even haircut with a lineup around,” he tells Hyperbeast, “and throughout the years, we’d try to figure out what haircut fits his head the best.”

You can thank Mallari for DeAndre’s signature burst fade mohawk that he sports on the court. But DeAndre is far from JayR’s only celebrity client.

Mallari was introduces to Stephen Curry during his 2015 season with the Warriors through fellow basketball star Chris Paul. He’s atteibuted to giving Curry a fresh new look by the next season.

“I don’t think people cared for his hair back then,” Mallari told The Ringer. “They cared for his shot.”

Fans immediately took notice to Curry’s new cut. His wife Ayeshia Curry was highly pleased, telling JayR, “Man, whatever you’re doing to Steph’s hair is great. Keep it up.”

Mallari’s loyalty with his clients is beyond what you’d see from your run of the mill barber. He was even invited to Curry’s Bay Area home for a family dinner. His personable approach to barbering gives his tons of perks like getting free tickets to the NBA Finals.

Mallari continues to cut the hair of the biggest names in the NBA. His star studded client list includes such celebs like DJ Carnage, Doc Rivers, and many more.

“I’m always networking,” the barber tells the Inquirer.

Though Mallari has become of the most well reputed barbers in the country, he’s always looking to up his cutting game.

“I’m always looking to learn new techniques, increase efficiency and perfect my style of cutting,” he says.

While constantly growing, JayR also has a passion for sharing his prowess with aspiring barbers. Mallari gas had countless tours of Asia to perform demonstrations and teach his skills. From Taiwan to Phillipins, JayR shares the news of upcoming workshops on his social media.

Believe it or not, you dont have to be loaded to get a cut from Mallari. While he’s known for serving the best of the best, his talents are available for everyone at rather modest rates. According to his Legacy Barber Studio, booking Mallari ranges anywhere from $80-145.

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It’s clear from Instagram that the barber is living it up! He’s not shy about showing off his jet setting lifestyle of traveling the world. There’s countless photos of his precious newborn baby coupled with family adventures to fun places like Avengers Campus.

On his page you’ll also see that he’s recently partnered with Gillette to spread the word of proper grooming to young men.

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