I’ve met my dream man but I’m scared to tell him I used to be an escort – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: I HAVE met the man of my dreams via a dating website but should I tell him I have worked as an escort?

Things got serious very quickly between us and he told me he was starting to fall in love with me.

I was over the moon when he said that.

But he doesn’t know I worked as an escort to make ends meet after university.

I only did it for six months because I was broke and couldn’t get any other work.

I am 22 now and he is 24.

I hated the escort work so decided to quit and get a normal job. Should I tell him?

I feel so bad about it that I can’t sleep at night.

DEIDRE SAYS: The trouble in my advising you is that I don’t know your man.

Some guys would take it completely in their stride, understanding the pressures, while others would be very judgmental.

Whatever you say – or don’t say – to him, the most important thing is for you to forgive yourself.

You were under a lot of financial pressure but took the strong decision to give up the escorting.

Applaud yourself for that and let yourself relish this better stage your life is at.

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