It’s OK to Not Be OK

Throughout the pandemic, many people have been experiencing anxiety, depression, and other challenges, but they have kept it inside. It’s time to break the silence and end the cycle of shame around mental health. That’s why Lincoln is connecting with Silence the Shame, an organization dedicated to empowering and educating communities on mental health and wellness.

Owning Our Own Health & Wellness
To learn how Silence the Shame, Inc. is working towards erasing the stigma of mental health, Lincoln Listens First host, Angela Rye, sat down with the founder of the company and music industry veteran, Shanti Das. Sharing her deeply personal story, Shanti talks about the embarrassment she felt saying the word, suicide, and would make up other stories to explain why her father wasn’t there. But it wasn’t until later in life, when she was faced with another loss, that she was propelled to seek out help for herself. These experiences allowed her to step into her truth, and now she wants to create the same opportunity for others. 

“We may not be in the same boat, but we’re in the same storm,” says Shanti. “It’s OK to not be OK, but what’s not OK is not getting the help you need.” Offering a wide range of programs and initiatives, Silence the Shame helps individuals and families by providing programs, information, and resources to assist in their journey. The organization also strives to raise awareness to help normalize the conversation around mental health.

To learn more about Silence the Shame, check out upcoming events, donate to this incredible cause, visit their site and follow them on social media. And to see more conversations about the health and wellness of Black women, watch more episodes of Lincoln Listens First on Lincoln’s YouTube channel here.

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