Influencer proves social media is not reality by posting two identical snaps

An influencer has been praised for her latest body positivity post on Instagram.

The blogger, who is known as Zoe, boasts a huge following of 30,400 fans on social media.

She often delights her social media platform with her positive vibes and self-love posts.

Now in one of her latest uploads, Zoe shared two snaps taken seconds apart to prove a point about how fake social media can be.

In the identical pictures, she wrote: "You are enough. You are amazing. You are strong. You are worthy.

"You are you, and that is your power. Social media is not reality, it does not show the full picture!"

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She added: "People only post what they want you to see!

"Don't compare your real life, to someone's controlled online content."

In the photo on the left, Zoe posed in her high-waisted shorts as she smiled at the camera.

The second picture shows her with her shorts rolled down where she also smiled.

Fans piled in on her post as it racked up over 2,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

One fan praised: "Love this!! Thank you so much," while another added: "So beautiful and inspiring."

A third commented: "Beautifully said, thank you for sharing this."

As a fourth Instagram follower posted: "Beautiful in both."

It comes after the influencer stripped to undies in snaps to flaunt her "tummy rolls".

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She wrote in March: "In light of my recent post about tummy roll lines… here is a photo of me with my tummy rolls!

"The photo VS setting up the timer. This is a reminder that behind 'posed photos' there is a body that bends, folds, rolls & jiggles…

"Mine may roll & jiggle more than others, but that's okay, my body wasn't designed to be perfect or flawless.

"I think any photo, posed or not, is worthy.

"But when you see that perfectly posed photo, remember it's only one snapshot of someone's body, it doesn't show the full story!"

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