Incredible new beauty gadget promises to print any colour of lipstick you want

Beauty tech these days is getting smarter than me. I’d take offence if it weren’t for the fact that my face is benefitting from its skills.

A lot of tech that I try as part of my job as OK! deputy beauty editor are a bit too fussy for me to want to use daily. Or they go into the greedy hands of my willing guinea pig of a sister. But one definitely gadget I won’t be parting with is YSL Beauty’s Rouge Sur Mesure, an incredible machine that can create 4,000 (!) different velvet-matte lip shades.

It costs £250 (shop it here) for the device, and £30 for additional cartridges, but it’s absolutely worth adding to your Christmas list if you’re a lipstick lover like me. Just picture it: being able to mix up a bespoke lipstick perfectly matched to your dress, having the ability to copy any lip colour on the market, or being given the power to bring a much-loved discontinued shade back to life.

So. Much. Power. It’s also incredibly fun to do. I first witnessed the gadget in action on one of our beauty shoots where, true to word, the machine produced two shades of red lipstick to suit our models. Seeing the crowds around our photography studio, you’d almost think we had a celebrity sitting on the coffee table, not a machine.

It’s very simple to use as well, even for a tech-phobe like me. You link the device to your phone in one easy Bluetooth move, virtually try on thousands of different lipstick shades (don’t worry, you can narrow it down to the colour range you’re looking for), pick your favourite, then just press a button while you marvel at the shade on your screen being dispensed as a single day’s dose.

Cartridges will last for multiple lipstick servings, after that you’ll need to replace it with a new one. Both the device and cartridges can be bought now on You’ll also get a lip compact (to carry your printed lipstick), a charger and an application brush.

At the moment it only prints in a velvet-matte finish, but who knows where tech will take us next. A satin gloss? A printed pocket-sized makeup artist to apply it for us? Who knows.

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After all, Christmas really is just around the corner. Right? *hangs lights up immediately*

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