Im a psychic and I spiritually connect to alcohol – it stops hangovers

A psychic has claimed that she can work her magic on alcohol so it will stop her getting a hangover.

Yes, you read that right.

Forget chugging water in between pints or eventually nursing a sore head in the morning because ‘spiritual healer’ and psychic medium Nicolle Merrilyne has cracked the hangover case, allegedly.

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In a TikTok clip which has racked up thousands of views, she shared she ‘grounds’ her drink before consuming it.

Supposedly, grounding (also called ‘earthing’) is a technique that connects you back to earth through the electrical charges. These charges are seen to have positive effects on the body.

Nicole explained: “How I ground alcohol before drinking as a psychic medium.

“I don’t drink often, but these are the steps I take if I do choose to have a drink (they help with hangovers too).

“Just like how we ground ourselves, it’s also possible to ground other things and give them a space to release.

“I ground everything – my phone, my computer, my home, my animals, my food, my drinks etc.

“There can be a lot of low vibrational energy (and entities) surrounding alcohol and the places (and people) where alcohol is consumed.”

Nicolle continued: “As a medium who is very sensitive to energy, I have clear unwanted energy out before drinking.

“We absorb energy like sponges. Think about if your bartender got a parking ticket, their frustrated energy could be in your drink that you then absorb and carry.

“I ground my drink by visualising a grounding cord growing out from the bottom of my drink all the way down to the core of the earth. From there I will bring 3 gold suns (psychic tool) through the top of the drink and out through the grounding cord.

“I set the intention of the gold suns to clear out any of the gold suns to clear out any energy that is not my own or of my highest and greatest good."

The medium urged her followers: “This takes less than a minute and will have a huge impact on your energy (and hangover).

“Try it next time you drink! I rarely drink but this helps me a lot.”

Amazed at Nicolle’s claims, many people fled to the comments to share their thoughts.

One person related: “I always send positive affirmations to my food and water I consume.”

Another user added: “Interesting! I ground myself but have never thought of grounding things.”

While a third voiced: “Omg I knew this was a thing! I felt weird having little mental moments with the alcohol before I drink.”

However, not everyone was too fond.

“Is this a joke,” this user jibed.

A second alleged: “Why are we still glamorising consuming poison? It doesn’t enhance anything, it opens up our aura to energetic vampires and other entities.”

Someone else said: “I find it's best just to avoid it. 8 years sober, best decision ever made, especially for spirituality and health.”


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