I used Tinder to get thousands of pounds worth of freebies and it was so easy

A woman sparked a debate online after revealing a "Tinder hack" to get luxury goods like Chanel bags and Jimmy Choo shoes from strangers for free.

Jenna Harwood, who lives in New York City, said the trick worked but it got her Tinder account deleted.

The theatre actress explained she was out of job during Covid-19 pandemic and came across the hack from TikTok.

So she opened a Tinder account and tweaked her profile that aimed for older men.

"I would not even believe this if I heard this but I can’t make this s*** up," she told her viewers in a video.

“I saw this TikTok that said if you get a Tinder and just set the age for older guys and put your Amazon wish list and whatever wish list you want, people will just buy you s*** and send you money.

"So I thought, ‘I’m unemployed due to COVID why not?’

"Guys, it worked! People sent me s***."

Just two days after setting her Tinder profile, Jenna showed fans what she got from her virtual dates – a Tory Burch tote, a Burberry swimsuit, a pair of Jimmy Choo heels and a £5,000 Chanel Boy bag.

She admits: "My Tinder got banned but like I got all of this free stuff."

The community guidelines on Tinder stated that they have a zero-tolerance policy on any predatory behaviour of any kind.

Any Tinder user caught sharing their own financial account information for the purpose of receiving money from other users may also be banned.

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Some viewers were tempted to try and one said: "I was using Tinder for the wrong reasons apparently and now I have a boyfriend."

"My boyfriend would never be cool with that," a second wrote and a third commented: "Wait do they know your address then?"

Jenna said she changed her address so that the sender wouldn't find out.

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