I love female company but have no desire to have sex with any of the women I take out

DEAR DEIDRE: WHILE I love female company, I have no desire to have sex with any of the women I take out. It’s weird.

I haven’t had sex for almost 40 years. I’m 57 and have never married.

People say I’m handsome and I’ve had many girlfriends who I meet on dating sites.

I enjoy female company but they assume things will lead to us sleeping together.

It seems cruel to refuse, like I do. I love women, but I don’t want a sexual relationship. Is something wrong with me?

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DEIDRE SAYS: We are all unique in our sexual desires and who we fancy.

If you are otherwise happy it could be you are simply asexual.

Rather than “dating” women who are looking for a sexual relationship, explain from the outset that you are looking for friendship.

And develop interests where you can get to know women as friends rather than on dating websites.

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