I have a micro-penis – theres nothing to see and I cant satisfy my wife

I have a micro penis. When it’s flaccid, it shrinks up to such an extent there’s hardly anything to see.

I was surprised when my wife agreed to marry me in 2015 – and it’s no surprise she’s now with another man.

She says she loves me but concedes that I cannot satisfy her in bed. How can I when I’m so tiny downstairs?

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Apparently, the guy she’s seeing is very well hung but he has no interest in a full-time relationship.

She’s hinting that she might like me back, but I’m terrified that we’ll simply fall back into the old routine of her being permanently disappointed with me.

JANE SAYS: Would using sex toys or adult aids help you?

Can your wife show you how to bring her to orgasm in other ways? With your fingers or tongue?

Remember that you can both visit a sexual therapist (via Relate) for tips and ideas on a happier, more fulfilled marriage.

If you still love each other, then it would be a shame to lose the comfort of companionship and company.

Insist she finishes with her other man for good and gets her sexual health checked out via the family GP.


I invited a colleague out on a romantic date not realising that she’s gay. I feel so stupid because I’m convinced people are talking about and pointing at me.

We used to have a laugh but now I struggle to talk to her, which I’ve heard she finds upsetting. How can I pretend to be a pal when I’ve made such a fool of myself?

JANE SAYS Pick yourself up and accept that wires were crossed. You may be embarrassed and feel a little humiliated, but if you and she aren’t meant to be, then life must go on.

You’re at work, you need to be professional. Be the bigger person and get back on an equal footing. Look for love outside of the workplace.


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