How to Create Those Trendy Balloon Arches All the Kardashians Have at Their Parties

Lauren Conrad may have made them popular on her blog back in 2017, but the Kardashian family has truly made trendy balloon arches a party staple. And we have Los Angeles- and New York City-based wedding and event planner Mindy Weiss to thank for that. The best part? It’s actually not that difficult to DIY your own balloon arch.

Weiss has only worked with the Kardashians and Jenners for three years, but she has known mama hen Kris Jenner for 40 years. In fact, the first Kardashian party Weiss has ever planned was for Kris’ 60th birthday.

“I designed her invitations for her first husband. I’ve known the family, and I helped her do Kim’s first birthday party. I really love them all, and it was a very fun, iconic party!” Weiss told W magazine in February.

While Weiss’ parties are grandiose and over-the-top, Weiss credits the extravagant balloon work to California-based Wild Child, full-service event styling company that specializes in balloon installation and balloon bars.

And the people behind Wild Child are clearly and without a doubt masters of their craft.

So how do they make these balloon arches? After watching a few video tutorials and skimming a few step-by-step guides, you’ll need a lot of balloons, some chicken wire and/or string, some tape and possibly glue — and a lot of patience, among other items.

Here are some of our favorite balloon arches and how to make ‘em.

Floral balloon arch

Perfectly suitable for a tropical-inspired party, this floral ballon arch requires just five supplies — silk flowers, balloons, a balloon pump or air compressor, a balloon decorating strip and glue dots.

Basically, you’ll start by securing the balloon decorating strip to the wall with a staple gun in the arch shape you desire. Then, blow up the balloons in varying sizes, thread through the strip, and use the glue dots to add the smaller balloons to fill the gap. Lastly, fill the arch with flowers.

The massive balloon arch

Clearly the bloggers behind The House That Lars Built are pros with balloons.

For a balloon arch of this size, THTLB used chicken wire to create the organic shape and attached it to the wall and ceiling with a lot of gaffers tape and fishing line attached to the ducts.

The ‘greet-your-guests’ balloon arch

If the entrance to your home lends itself to it, why not build a balloon arch to really make a statement, like A Kailo Chic Life did? Continue it indoors above a seated area.

The gold-accented arch

No need to wait until your next Friendsgiving to create this gold-hued balloon arch á la Lauren Conrad. Conrad uses fishing wire and Command hooks to secure the balloons to the wall.

The full arch

To fully frame your noshing table, A Beautiful Mess has an easy-to-follow tutorial. Their instructions are similar to Green Wedding Shoes’, also using a balloon decorating strip, balloon string and glue dots.

Their No. 1 tip: Make sure to leave room while slipping the balloon knots through the holes in he decorating strip. That way you can add the small balloons later.

The draped balloon arch

Not all balloon arches need to be secured to the wall. For Kourtney Kardashian and Kim Kardashian-West’s daughters’ joint birthday party back in October, Wild Child provided all the rainbow balloon arrangements on the tables, cloud balloons in the trees and unicorn and heart balloon sculptures around Kourt’s backyard.

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