Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for Thursday, September 28


It will hardly matter if you are kept busy for a few more days but if you continue to work without taking regular breaks, you need to anticipate that there will come a time when you will find that you can’t do another thing without taking a rest.


You can understand a friend or colleague’s excitement over a new venture. They are trying to talk you into taking part but this project is not without risk and you will also be aware of what could go wrong. This makes you uncomfortable about getting involved.


Spend a little extra time getting the facts, figures and other details of anything you are working on, right. Future delays can be avoided simply by concentrating now on the job in hand. Carelessness in anything will bring its just desserts. No matter how trivial an issue, give it your attention.


A small misunderstanding will cast a cloud over a close relationship. Do your best to use your charming and persuasive personality to overcome this. Everything will be alright in the end and the cloud that does overshadow the situation will be the one with a silver lining.


There will be strings attached to an exciting offer so be sure to tread with care. Social plans a friend is making will be weird in some way. Whether you think these are strange or wonderful you might wait and see how others feel before agreeing to join in.


You aren’t being unreasonable by wanting to keep your own finances separate when a partner or loved one keeps spending without thinking. Your recent efforts to get joint money matters sorted out seem to have led nowhere. You are ready now to take more stringent measures.


Your concentration is not as good as it could be. Double check all details of important documents and transactions. If need be, seek the advice of someone whose opinion you trust before you commit yourself to anything of a long-term nature.


Seeds that were planted in the past will show signs of coming to fruition. Listen to those with experience, to gain insight and guidance on what you should be doing next. Expect to make pleasing progress if you are seeking promotion or a small increase in pay.


In anything of a joint nature, get your arrangements right or you will be in for a confusing time. A gift bought for someone with the hope of pleasing them may turn out to be a waste of money when for reasons you don’t quite understand, it will be returned to you.

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If a partner or colleague’s attitude and approach to joint responsibilities matched your own, you would get further. While you are focused on the more important things in life, you’re also aware of their increasing restlessness and lack of interest in serious concerns.


Get on with it and finish jobs already started. You’re tempted to put some aside for another day but you know you would feel better to just keep at it and get it out of the way. Ignore all thoughts of giving up at this point. You’re almost there. Keep at it.


You will keep to the point in important conversations and because you are keeping discussions and even arguments on a strictly practical level, decisions will be made much faster. You will be praised for work being carried out behind the scenes.

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