Holby City review with spoilers: Sacha and Nicky in hot water with Max

For many months on Holby City Sacha (Bob Barrett) has been working on a revolutionary bowel transplant idea. It came to him while he was helping himself at a hotel breakfast buffet – great ideas do often come from humble beginnings – and it’s a game-changer in the bowel world. And in Sacha’s life it’s been something for him to focus on as he’s recovered from depression.

Sacha’s Jewish faith has also helped him through difficult times and he’s become rather spiritual. I loved how he prayed over the donated bowel, thanking the organ donor for their gift. The loss of his Great Aunt Maria only last week has undoubtedly changed him as a person, too, and Max (Jo Martin) was worried that he wouldn’t be able to cope with such a high-stakes procedure. She wanted him to have someone in theatre with him who’d be a steadying influence if Sacha needed it.

That person would usually be Essie (Kaye Wragg), but after she rejected him last week he was determined not to keep relying on her. The problem is that she really wants him to rely on her, and when he told her he had to stop loving her and let go, the silly man just talked over her when she said he didn’t have to do that. She loves him as much as he loves her, but at the moment it’s one of those frustrating situations where one or other of them constantly keeps missing the moment. Heads need to be banged together.

Back to matters medical, and Essie had just managed to persuade a hesitant bowel patient (Ben Moor) that he did want to have the op after all, when Sacha got some devastating news – there’d been an allegation of malpractice against him from the racist patient he refused to treat last week. This meant that Sacha wouldn’t be allowed to do the operation he’d worked so long and hard for.

Essie told Max that if Sacha wasn’t operating then she wouldn’t be taking part either, and Dominic (David Ames) and Ric (Hugh Quarshie) said the same. Ric argued with Max that for the sake of the patient, Sacha was the only man for the job. Luckily Max agreed and Sacha performed the operation beautifully.

Last week we saw Cameron (Nic Jackman) behaving in an outrageous way when he took credit for an emergency procedure that had actually been done by Jason (Jules Robertson) – and then coerced Jason into keeping quiet about it. Cameron tried to redeem himself this week by lending Nicky (Belinda Owusu) a necklace that used to belong to his mum, to wear at the Registrar’s Ball.

We’ve seen that Nicky has always had financial struggles but this has got worse recently as she’s been paying off a nasty man who’s blackmailing her mum (Cathy Murphy). She’s been taking on extra shifts at The Mythical St James’s, but taking sick days from Holby to do it. When Max found out about this she was furious and called her a ‘disgrace,’ saying she’d cheated the NHS and it was gross misconduct. But Max decided to give her another chance, as sacking her would ‘just compound the waste.’

The pressure continued to mount on poor Nicky when she was refused credit. She’d promised her mum that she would sort out all her debts but she couldn’t see a way forward. When she got back home from the Registrar’s Ball drunk and dishevelled she claimed she’d been rummaging in the shrubbery for Bernie’s necklace, which she’d lost. But she hadn’t lost it – we saw her a moment later in her room, looking to sell the necklace online. Oh, Nicky.

And in other news, Donna (Jaye Jacobs) discovered her patient (Anna O’Grady)was a casting director for commercials and was looking for a face that was beautiful, but ordinary. Donna decided that face could well be hers (she struggled to think of herself as ‘ordinary’ but when the part demands it…) and did her best to impress, showing the casting director her photo album. Unfortunately the casting director decided it was Donna’s daughter Mia who had the face she was looking for. Donna is still keen, though Zav (Marcus Griffiths) advised her to be careful – he’s been a child star himself and he knows the pressures.

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