‘Great alternative to alcohol’ – CEDAR’S famous alcohol-free pink gin has a mega discount

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CEDER’S Pink Rose Non-Alcoholic Distilled Spirit is an alcohol-free take on the UK’s favourite spirit: pink gin. The non-alcohol spirit is distilled using classic gin botanicals such as juniper, rose, and sweet hibiscus and managed to be vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, and zero calories – all while tasting delicious.

Usually retailing for £20, you can currently pick up a 500ml bottle of CEDER’S Pink Rose Non-Alcoholic Distilled Spirit for £15 – saving you £5 off the original price.

Buy: Amazon (£15)

If you’ve only recently stopped drinking and want something to sip on on special occasions, this could be a perfect choice.

One reviewer said: “I absolutely love this, it has been my saviour since stopping drinking in October!

“The flavours are great and it adds a nice twist to the tonic and makes it feel like a special drink.”.

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