Five stars as The Pulse defies gravity and leaves audience gasping



Gravity & Other Myths, Roslyn Packer Theatre, January 8

Reviewed by JILL SYKES

Physical theatre company, Gravity and Other Myths, present The Pulse.Credit:Anna Kucera

The Pulse is an exhilarating blend of gymnastics, theatre, circus, dance and choral music by the Adelaide-based group Gravity & Other Myths. Time and again it offers feats of physical ingenuity and daring that make you gasp.

Twenty-two acrobatic performers are hurled and caught in twisting flight. They climb up knees, backs and shoulders to reach as many as four in a towering human pole, and many more in monumental structures, from which they come down in mesmerising collective descents.

They work in dazzling ensembles doing different sequences across the stage, never colliding, and some of them have dancing solos that provide cool interludes amongst the meticulously choreographed hurly-burly that characterises most of the 70-minute show.

It includes 26 choristers of the Sydney Philharmonia Choirs’ VOX, who move among the gymnastic performers, very much a part of the action as well as giving a vivid rendition of Ekrem Eli Phoenix’s exciting bold score.

This true blend of visual and aural elements in The Pulse is heightened to invigorating theatricality by Darcy Grant’s imaginative direction and Geoff Cobham’s creative lighting.

And there is another important factor: the sense of trust and caring between the performers. In reaching out to each other, they propel a feeling of community into the audience, and that is very special.

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