Fitness star reveals how to fake a bigger bum in seconds for Instagram

Woman reveals how influencers make their bums look ‘fuller’ in mirror selfies by arching their backs, pushing out their hips and twisting away from the camera

  • Hayley Madigan revealed how to create the illusion of a bigger bum with posing
  • Fitness influencer, from Portsmouth, shared side-by-side photos on Instagram
  • Advised her 493,000 followers not to compare their body to social media stars 

Social media is flooded with women who seem to have enviable curves in all the right places, however a fitness influencer has revealed many people are simply creating the illusion with careful posing.

Hayley Madigan, from Portsmouth, has urged people not to compare themselves to the images they see on social media as often influencers don’t look like their photographs in reality.

The personal trainer, who boasts over 493,000 followers on Instagram, shared side-by-side snaps of her own body to prove it’s possible to create the illusion of having a bigger bum in seconds. 

Having revealed that it just requires posing with an arch in your back and hips pushed out, Hayley was praised by many for being candid. 

Hayley Madigan (pictured), from Portsmouth, has revealed how social media influencers create the illusion of having a bigger bum (pictured left) with careful posing 

The personal trainer, who boasts over 493,000 followers on Instagram , shared side-by-side snaps of her own body to prove it’s possible to create the illusion of having a bigger bum in seconds

Hayley explained on Instagram that the ‘fitness booty shot’ is created by arching your back and pushing your hips out to make your glutes look fuller 

Hayley smiles at the camera while wearing a pink thong and black crop top in both photos shared to show the importance of angles when taking photographs.

Hayley captioned the post: ‘Posed Vs Relaxed. Posing is a huge part of changing how our bodies are perceived by others.⁣

‘Take the fitness booty shot for instance, arching your back and pushing your hip out make your Glutes look a lot bigger and fuller. ⁣

‘It’s okay to pose like that if you want to but damn it hurts! It’s also a major effort.

‘BUT⁣ the people you’re looking at online may pose like this in every single picture they take, including Videos too! ⁣ So never compare yourself against their posed bodies! ⁣

‘Because they don’t look like that either! Love who you are and stop comparing.’ 

Hayley (pictured) said many people who boast full glutes on social media don’t look like their photos in reality 

The post racked up almost 19,000 likes with many people gushing that it has helped to change their perspective of their own body.

One person wrote: ‘Thank you always for this positivity about our bodies. You are a shining light in this social media fitness world.’

‘I hope you know how much comfort and perspective you’ve brought to people like me. I’m so grateful to have you,’ another said. 

A third commented: ‘There is an influencer that posts pics like this and she even sells her own ‘how to build a booty’ program… I saw her while on holiday a few months back… she has no boots, flat as a pancake. Thank God for the likes of you that keep it real.’ 

Another added: ‘Seriously, thank you for always pushing ‘real life’ on social media’

The post racked up almost 19,000 likes with many people praising Hayley for being candid about influencer culture 

Hayley has been candid with her followers about her fitness goals, admitting recently that it took her six years to get a healthy mindset after competing in bodybuilding shows.   

She explained that her goals have shifted to allow herself to enjoy training and to stop binge eating, after previously focusing on burning calories and tracking her food intake. 

In one post, the former bodybuilder said her periods stopped due to over exercising and under eating.

Hayley said: ‘It’s so detrimental to our health as women, yet to compete in such a sport it’s considered almost ‘normal’ to lose your cycle. If I knew this would have happened I would have thought twice before I started competing.

Hayley (pictured), who has previously competed in bodybuilding competitions, has admitted that she would over exercise and under eat to get show ready 

Losing your period due to this can cause many implications such as early onset osteoporosis, increased risk of heart disease, impaired cognitive function, reduction in muscle growth, potential increase in depression and sleeplessness, increased stress and reduced longevity.

‘It’s important to understand that looking after your health may mean you need to but body fat on, every female is different when it comes to potentially losing her period from over exercising/under eating but learning to trust your body and listen to what it needs is key. 

‘Even if it means changing what you think is your ‘identity’ because the people that matter in your life will love you no matter what.’ 

Hayley (pictured) said it has taken six years to shift her mindset from burning calories and tracking her food 

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