Family of teen who got lost at festival searching for couple who came to her aid

The family of a teen who got lost at a music festival are searching for the kind couple to came to her aid.

Keira MacDonald, 14, became separated from her friends at the TRNSMT event in Glasgow at the weekend and was unable to contact them when her phone died.

A young man and woman offered her use of their phone charger and gave her £30 in case she needed a taxi home.

Now Keira's cousin Amy Logan has launched an appeal for the couple to come forward so the family can thank them and give back their charger and money, reports Glasgow Live.

She said: "Keira went on Friday to the festival with her friends and a few parents – but you know how independent teenagers want to be at that age, so they agreed to stick together on the site.

"But on Friday, one of the boys in the group got lost. Since Keira had his phone, nobody could contact him, so he had to go home and miss the whole day.

"The next day, they agreed that if they got lost, they would go to an agreed meeting point. Keira ended up losing everyone and went to the meeting point, but her phone was dying and she was struggling to get hold of them.

"The young couple came along and Keira said they asked if she was ok and she said she could use their charger, then stayed with her for a while. They also insisted that she keep the charger and said she needed it more.

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