Experts reveal what your favourite perfume says about your personality

What does YOUR favourite perfume say about you? Expert reveals how scent preference reflects personality – from sandalwood for high achievers to vanilla for party animals

  • Perfume provider Scentsational reveal what our scent preferences say about us
  • Fans of woody scents are said to be surrounded by success and high achievers 
  • Those who prefer aquatic and fresh scents are thought to be more free-spirited  

Most of us have a favourite perfume and tend to stick with scents we know and love, but is there more to the smells we choose, and can they reveal certain aspects of our personalities? 

Richard Zuber, of UK-based  perfume provider Scentsational, claims our characteristics are reflected in our favourite aromas, with winter fragrances popular with indulgent types and ‘free spirits’ enjoying fresh aquatic scents.

‘Countless theorists and researchers have found that there’s more to your perfume than meets the eye and I’m here to divulge exactly what your go-to scent says about you,’ says Richard.  

Here, FEMAIL reveals what your perfume choice says about your personality traits, according to the experts. 

Sandalwood fans are surrounded by success

Sandalwood, found in Gucci Bamboo, is loved by those with a type-A personalities who have an adventurous side

Sandalwood is a scent that’s a little unique, much like those who wear it. If you enjoy these scents then it’s incredibly likely that you’re a high-achiever and a perfectionist.

If there were a perfume mascot for people with a type-A personality, sandalwood would be it! Generally, any woody scents reflect reliable, dependable people. They’re also a go-to choice for those with an adventurous side who love the outdoors.

From professional and academic excellence to consistency, stability and dependability, there are a number of positive traits reflected in sandalwood perfumes.

Zesty scents are for born leaders  

If you’re a fan of citrus flavours, found in Paco Rabanne Olympea, you’re said to be a born leader filled with confidence 

If you’re a fan of citrus flavours then you’ve probably assumed this is because you simply prefer fruity smells. 

In reality, there’s much more to this preference; choosing a zesty fragrance demonstrates a zesty personality. 

Citrus lovers are said to be leaders, filled with confidence, authority and ambition. As such, you’re strong-minded and rarely take no for an answer.

Lavender lovers are great friends 

If you’re a fan of lavender, a scent found in this classic Yardley perfume, it means you value friendship above all else and are always a good team player

Lavender is a classic scent; it’s timeless and certainly a popular choice. Seemingly, it’s not only the scent that’s popular!

Those who enjoy wearing lavender-scented perfumes are said to make great friends, value friendship above all else, and, they’re good team players.

Chances are, if you wear lavender perfumes, you’re always the one to put in extra effort; you’ll surprise your friends when they’re feeling down, organise catch-up lunches and won’t fail to check in with your nearest and dearest during lockdown.  

Aquatic perfumes are worn by the free-spirited

Fresh and aquatic scents, found in perfumes like Hermes Un Jardin Apres La Mousson, are for free spirits 

Do you like natural, aquatic scents? For example, perfumes with salty, fresh notes? 

If you do, this means that you’re cool, calm, collected and free-spirited. 

These beautiful, refreshing fragrances are typically worn by dreamers with an endless, inspiring imagination. 

Vanilla fans are the life of the party 

Vanilla scents, found in Marc Jacobs’ Perfect, appeal to those who love to party and don’t take life too seriously 

When you imagine vanilla scents, you might assume that wearers stick to the status quo. 

However, preferring these perfumes actually suggests that you’re anything but vanilla; in reality, you’re wild – the life of the party even!

Vanilla is a psychogenic aphrodisiac, meaning vanilla fans are typically lively and energetic. You love socialising, fun nights out, and don’t take anything too seriously. 

Coconut lovers are always on trend

Those who like coconut fragrances, in perfumes such as Estee Lauder Sensuous Nude, are said to be the most stylish among us 

Do you love the smell of coconut? Well, coconut fans are said to be one thing: stylish. If you’re a fan of these perfumes then you’re bang on trend in every possible way.

Although you might also be a little sensitive; you don’t always take criticism well and struggle during periods of instability. If this is the case, unleash your creativity!

If anyone knows how to create beautiful coconut perfumes, it’s Versace and Gucci. For sublime eau de toilettes and body sprays, Victoria’s Secret has a good selections.

Winter perfumes are for those who love luxury 

Rich, chocolate-smelling, spicy perfumes such as Prada Candy Night are perfect for the winter months

Rich, chocolate-smelling, spicy perfumes are perfect for the winter months and are often worn by women who love opulence and a little self-indulgence. 

Plus, they’re worn by the spiciest of women; you’re confident, sexy, know yourself, and never hold back. 

You enjoy all that life throws your way, love luxury and unapologetically go after what you want.

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