'Embarrassing' mother blasted for wearing white to daughter's wedding

‘Embarrassing’ mother blasted for wearing white ball gown to daughter’s wedding (and people are confusing HER for the bride)

  • Mother-of-the bride put white tulle dress up for sale on Facebook Marketplace
  • She shared photos of herself giving speech at daughter’s wedding in the dress 
  • Outraged Reddit users said the frock was ‘100% a wedding dress’ 
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An ’embarrassing’ mother has been blasted online after she wore a white ball gown to her daughter’s wedding. 

Earlier this week, the anonymous parent, from Canada, put the floor-length frock up for sale for $100 [£60] on Facebook Marketplace.

Sharing a photos of her modelling the frock at the wedding, the poster listed it as a ‘dress for the mother of the bride’ – having recently worn it herself.

Along with a lace bodice and sheer panels, the dress also has a voluminous tulle skirt which is popular with bridal ballgowns. 

The bride’s  mother, from Canada, put her white tulle dress up for sale on Facebook Marketplace for $100 [£60] following the wedding

The seller then posted photos of herself delivering a speech at her daughter’s wedding and another of her walking into the reception hand-in-hand with her own mother. 

A screenshot of the listing was then posted on Reddit – where dozens of users criticised the apparent fashion faux pas. 

Inviting others to comment on the garment, the person who spotted the Facebook advert claimed it was recently worn by a newlywed’s parent. 

They captioned the post: ‘”Mother of the bride” dress for sale on Marketplace…’ 

In her post, she shared a photo of herself walking into the ceremony hand-in-hand with her own mother, who wore a gold embellished dress

At first glance, some users said they had assumed the mother-of-the-bride was the one getting married thanks to the lace ad tulle detail on her eveningwear. 

One replied: ‘Oh my God. I was ready to be all, “that’s not actually bad if the bride is okay with it”.

‘And then I realised the person in the bridal gown was not the bride? What the f***?’

Another added: ‘Yeah same I thought oh it’s not so bad then realised I’m not looking at the right dress.’

Outraged Reddit users branded the dress ’embarrassing’ and compared it to a flower girl style of frock

Meanwhile, a third said they couldn’t help but cringe when looking at the images.

‘NO that’s definitely a wedding dress,’ they replied. ‘Wow, so embarrassing.’ 

Although others tried to defend the mother and speculated there was an all-white dress  code for the bridal party, the original poster wrote: ‘It is 100% a wedding gown. They are plenty of white evening dresses and formal wear that aren’t explicitly meant to be worn by a bride.’

‘Holyyyyyy mother of all narcissists,’ a fifth said. ‘She wore a bridal gown to her daughters wedding. She looks like she’s cosplaying a flower girl.’

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