Comedian Miranda Hart has a huge net worth in the millions

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Miranda has earned a healthy sum from her popular sitcom, which aired in 2009. The family favourite harks back to wholesome old-fashioned family shows. The format was a huge hit.

What is Miranda Hart’s worth?

Miranda is worth £2.9 million according to Celebrity Net Worth.

From a wealthy, aristocratic background, her mother is the daughter of Sir William Luce, Commander-in-Chief and Governor of Aden.

She was educated at all-girls boarding school Downe House, alongside Clare Balding and for a short time, she was a fellow pupil of Kate Middleton.

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She has been in comedy since she graduated, appearing at the Edinburgh festival and in sitcoms.

Productions for Miranda began in 2009 and the programme has been hugely popular, winning a number of awards for the star.

Miranda has appeared in Call the Midwife since 2012.

Additionally, she has published five books, including two novels.

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Who is Miranda Hart’s partner?

It is not known whether Miranda is single or whether she has a partner.

She is not thought to be married.

She told the Mirror: “Mr. Right, or the future Mr. Hart, hasn’t occurred in my life yet. But it would be lovely to find my partner in crime.”

What does Miranda Hart do now?

While fans are clamoring for more of Miranda’s hit show, she has not confirmed there will be more.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the actress has been raising money for charity by sending messages to fans for a fee.

The money raised is then donated to ASTRiiD and CISFA UK, chronic illness charities.

Where does Miranda Hart live?

Miranda lives in London, specifically West London, residing in Hammersmith.

She grew up in Torquay, Devon, the fictional home of another comedy legend Basil Faulty.

How tall is Miranda Hart?

Miranda is 1.85 m or 6ft tall. Therefore, she is much taller than the average height for women in the UK, which is 5ft 4in.

Her height has had an influence on her life, being a source of insecurity as a child.

She told the Mirror: “Growing up when you are tall you feel like fish out of water and feel different and you don’t fit in.

“But as you get older you just think, “I can’t change it – I am who I am and I have got to love myself.”

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