Christina Applegate Brought to Tears By Surprise Message from Below Deck's Captain Lee

"I literally have tears in my eyes, I love him so much," said Applegate after Kelly Clarkson surprised her with this video message.

Christina Applegate got unexpectedly emotional during an appearance on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” Thursday, after the host surprised her on-air with a very special video message from one of her favorite reality stars.

During her interview with Clarkson, the “Dead to Me” actress revealed she’s been staying busy by watching a lot of reality TV — adding that “Below Deck” is her absolute favorite.

“I have slipped into the DMs of certain crew members who are now my friends. I’m like an uber-weirdo fan,” she shared, before Clarkson said she had “a little surprise” for her guest. She then played a video from Captain Lee Rosbach.

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“Christina, how you doing? Captain Lee here from ‘Below Deck.’ I just want to say thank you for being such a big fan and I want to encourage you to stay strong,” he said in the clip. “And remember that a good sailor never learned a damn thing in calm seas, so I know you’re going to navigate these waters just fine.”

“And if you decide you want to set sail again, you just let me know, because we have a deck chair with your name written all over it,” he added. “If you’d like to DM me sometime and just chat, I’m here. Take care, kiddo.”

Applegate was caught off guard by the message and teared up. “Aw, I love my Lee. Oh my god, I have tears in my eyes, I’m not kidding,” she said, “I literally have tears in my eyes, I love him so much.”

She added that Lee’s costar Kate Chastain also got him to record a video for her 6-8 months ago, saying it was “very sweet” and referring to Lee as “my angel.”

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In August 2021, Applegate revealed she had been diagnosed with MS and has been very open about her experience with the disease in interviews leading up to the release of the final season of “Dead to Me.”

“Shooting the show was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life,” Applegate told Clarkson elsewhere in the show. “I was diagnosed during shooting and I didn’t know what was happening to me. I was freaking out until someone said, ‘You need an MRI.’ I found out on a Monday, after work, that I had MS, a disease I’m going to have for the rest of my life.”

After Clarkson wondered how it felt to get the diagnosis and about the timing of it all, Applegate asked, “Can I say it sucked balls?” Kelly’s response: “Yeah, you can say whatever the hell you want.”

Read more about Applegate’s experience with MS at the links below. “Dead to Me” is streaming now on Netflix.

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