CHRISTA D'SOUZA says we need to replace #hotgirlsummer

Everyday Ageism: CHRISTA D’SOUZA says we need to replace #hotgirlsummer with a more inclusive phrase on Instagram

  • Millennials explained the phrase ‘hot girl summer’ to Christa D’Souza  
  • UK-based columnist wonders if using it on Instagram would increase her likes
  • She argues we need to come up with something a little more inclusive 

It’s the last tolerated prejudice. But Femail’s had enough. It’s time we called out those day-to-day moments when we’re patronised for no longer being young…

Are you having a ‘hot girl summer’? No, me neither. I’m ashamed to say I didn’t even quite know what it meant until it was explained to me by a couple of millennials.

I ought to know because it really is the catchphrase of the season. It’s being used everywhere, by everyone, to brand everything. You baffled, too? Well, it’s a meme coined by the American rapper Megan Thee Stallion and means, basically, living your best life under the sun and looking good and/or posting a selfie while doing and being so.

UK-based columnist Christa D’Souza (pictured), who learned about ‘hot girl summer’ from millennials, argues we need to come up with something a little more inclusive

I posted a picture of myself on Instagram the other day, after a long hiatus because I wanted to give my colourist Danielle a shout out for doing such a good job of dying my hair. Perhaps hashtagging it #hotgirlsummer would have earned it more likes?

And there’s the ageist rub! It’s not meant to be used for anyone over the age of 30, is it?

Ms Thee Stallion, I know you intended it to be used by anybody, whatever sex, age or persuasion, but I think we need to come up with something a little more inclusive.

Any ideas anyone? #hotladysummer doesn’t quite hit the spot.

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