Chocolate-lovers go wild as Cadbury set to launch mint flavour Flakes

‘The superhero of chocolate!’ Shoppers go wild as rumours Cadbury will launch a mint Flake hit social media

  • Chocolate lovers going wild over rumours Cadbury is releasing a mint Flake
  • Fans on social media have been raving over pictures of the sweet bar 
  • One wrote: ‘The two best things combined like the superhero of chocolate’

Chocolate lovers are going wild online after rumours emerged that Cadbury is set to launch a mint flavoured Flake. 

The new flavour of the crumbly chocolate bar is understood to be on sale in Scotland but it is believed it will soon be available in the rest of the UK, although a date has not yet been announced. 

Fans on social media have been raving over the idea after photographs emerged of the chocolate bar.  

Chocolate lovers were delighted when images of the special edition mint-flavoured Flake emerged on social media 

Social media users were delighted by rumours of the new delicious treat, with one calling it ‘a game changer’ 

One wrote: ‘The two best things combined like the superhero of chocolate, mint and a flake.’ 

Another commented that it was a ‘game changer’ while a third wrote: ‘Hope this real.’

Photographs emerged on social media of the special edition Flakes, with news first breaking on forum Hot UK Deals. 

Sources suggest the mint flavoured Flakes are currently only available in Scotland, but are rumoured to be coming to the rest of the UK soon. 

Cadbury are yet to comment on the rumours themselves, but that has done little to calm the excitement of chocolate addicts who have heard the news.  

The mint-flavoured Flake appears to be identical to the original crumbley chocolate, with the added tasty flavour

Social media users were excited over the possibility, and raved about the chocolate on Twitter. 

One wrote: ‘Oh my!! I need one of these now!’ while another commented: ‘The new flake mint yum yum.’

Another simply tweeted: ‘Bit of me that.’ 

It comes days after the chocolate brand announced they’d be releasing a limited edition orange-flavoured Twirl. 

Social media users were overwhelmed with excitement at the possibility of the mint-flavoured treat, with one calling it ‘the superhero of chocolate’ 

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