Camille Grammer Claims The Real Reason Lisa Vanderpump Quit ‘RHOBH’ Is Because Of Brandi Glanville

Camille shared a surprising theory during the July 23 episode of ‘RHOBH’, when she said LVP truly quit the show because of Brandi’s cameo earlier this season.

“I think [Lisa Vanderpump] should be here,” Camille Grammer told Real Housewives of Beverly Hills executive producer Andy Cohen, when he asked how she felt about Lisa Vanderpump not attending the taping for the reunion special. And when Kyle Richards asked Camille why she thought Lisa didn’t show up, Camille said, “She’s pissed about Brandi [Glanville],” referencing Brandi’s return to the show earlier this season, during which Brandi said Lisa “for sure” leaked the story about Dorit Kemsley to RadarOnline.

“She’s pissed about Brandi?” Lisa Rinna asked before Camille explained, “[She’s pissed] that Brandi showed up on the show. Absolutely. [Brandi]’s her archenemy. She feels so betrayed.” And then when everyone started bugging out about it, Camille sort of took a step back and said, “I’m just assuming and I could absolutely be wrong, but she felt that throughout this season, you’ve had her back, Denise [Richards]. And with you talking to Brandi — Brandi’s her archenemy.”

“I didn’t even think about that!” Lisa Rinna gasped. And then, Denise tried defending herself by saying, “We didn’t meet to talk about Lisa Vanderpump.”

Lisa Rinna then asked Camille, “Why couldn’t [Lisa Vanderpump] come here and say that?” And Camille said, “That’s just my theory. That’s just my theory.”

“I am so new to so many of you, and I’m neutral and I didn’t meet [Brandi] to. [talk about LVP]”, Denise finished before Andy asked Camille if she’s still in contact with Lisa Vanderpump. And Camille said they just texted one week prior to filming the reunion, however, she wouldn’t say what they talked about, nor did Andy ask.

Later in the reunion, Camille and the ladies also argued over her joke about Lisa Vandepump’s bad gums before Camille stormed off stage because she felt she was becoming the victim of a “set up”. No one knew what sort of set up she was referring to, and everyone was quit confused. Especially considering the fact that Camille kept calling everyone by the wrong names. “Is she on something?” Denise asked. And as the episode came to a close, Camille walked off set in the midst of ripping her dress off. As the camera followed close behind her, viewers could see Camille grasping at the back of her dress as it began to fall off.

Want more drama? The final part of the RHOBH reunion special airs next Tuesday, July 30, at 9pm on Bravo!

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