British expat complains about culture shocks since moving to Australia

British expat complains about the biggest culture shocks since moving to Australia: ‘It’s a crisis’

  • A young British woman reveals ‘Aussie shocks’
  • Says people need to do their research before moving

A young British woman has revealed the three things every expat must know before moving to Australia – after having to learn the hard way.

Charlee, 25, is ‘living the dream Down under’ but claims some things have left her in a deep state of shock.

Her first ‘shocking’ piece of advice is to ditch any ideas of ‘speedy deliveries’.

‘If you are going on a night out in three days time and you think you will just order an outfit, you are so wrong,’ she said.

She went on to explain that in the UK they have Asos Premiere where you can order clothes and have them delivered the next day, or buy something on Amazon Prime at 6pm and receive it in less than 24 hours.

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Charlee, from Britain, reveals her three complaints about Australia

‘Here deliveries must be 50 years behind and the only thing I can assume as to what explains this is the fact that this country is so big,’ she said.

‘I pay for express shipping every time I get something delivered and it still takes one to two weeks,’ she added, labelling the situation a ‘f**king crisis’.

The second is a matter of parking.

She explained in the UK she would be able to park in a space ‘on the wrong side of the road’ but was shocked to find it isn’t done here. 

‘It is so illegal in this country,’ she said.

‘But in the UK I did it every f**king day,’ she said.

Adding she considers herself an ‘actual pro’ at parking on the wrong side of the road because it is so common at home.

The last thing is also about how, or rather what, people drive.

Charlee appeared stunned to learn most people ‘don’t know how to drive a manual’.

She said in the UK most people learn on a manual car, and it is seen as the preferred and most readily available option.

The young woman can’t believe it is illegal to parallel park on the opposite side of the road, going against the traffic

They (Australians) have an automatic car license, so they cannot drive a manual car,’ she said, dumbfounded.

‘Everyone said do you drive manual, I only have a manual car. In the UK honestly we just must be phenomenal drivers,’ she said.

The video, which was posted on TikTok, quickly went viral with many people including Australians agreeing on all three points.

‘Aussie post uses a horse and cart, ‘ one person wrote.

A British man said he sometimes feels like he’s ‘living in the 90s’ when it comes to postal delays, and product availability online. 

Another knows all about the ‘very illegal’ parking: ‘I remember parking on the other side of the road once and got BOLLOCKED! Who knew!’

‘So nothing has changed in nine years then,’ laughed a former expat.

Others dismissed most of her comments.

‘Iconic delivers same day. All my Amazon Prime arrives either same day or next day. It’s legal to do a u-turn unless it’s over double lines,’ one woman wrote.

‘You can park on the other side of the road as long as you’re facing the direction of traffic. And the auto/man license only applies on your P’s,’ she added.

‘it’s insane that you n should expect things to be delivered to you in the next couple of days. Think about our planet! stop buying things!’ one man blasted. 

And some complained ‘Canada’s no better’.

‘I moved to Canada years ago. UK is lit for a lot of stuff. deliveries, food costs, banter. I miss it,’ one woman said.

Charlee lived in Sydney when she first moved to Australia but is now spending some time in the Northern Territory.   

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