Body positive babe slammed for candid bikini snap that some find insensitive

Karina Irby is a body positivity influencer who has made it her mission to celebrate her natural curves and encourage others to do the same.

In a recent Instagram post, the 32-year-old Australian beauty shared a photo of herself holding her bloated stomach.

But unfortunately, not everyone is happy with the picture that she’s taken.

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“So this is Christmas. Don’t be hard on yourself this holiday season,” she wrote, including a pregnant emoji and a tongue-out emoji in the caption.

“Enjoy yourself. Wear stretchy pants. Oversized T-Shirts and appreciate your body. Happy Holidays amazing ones.”

While the post was meant to spread positivity during a sometimes tricky time period for people, many followers have accused Karina of being insensitive.

What is their issue with the post exactly? They think the influencer is making light of pregnancy.

“I love all your posts. But holding your belly like that joking you are 'bloated' or 'look pregnant' is not funny. Especially when all you’ve wanted is to have a child and you can’t. Think of others,” one person commented.

“The pregnant emoji makes this border on insensitive, like those crappy April Fools pregnant jokes. Bellies are gorgeous, but eluding to pregnancy while others struggle, especially on a family-centric holiday, is tone deaf,” said another.

A third person added: “Did you just joke about being pregnant? I normally support and agree with all of your posts but this one isn’t funny. Verging on tone deaf. Same as April fools jokes about pregnancy.”

Karina has often been vocal about her and her husband Ryan Jones choosing not to have kids.

The pair have instead chosen to focus on growing the empire that is their swimwear line, Moana Bikini but some people are often left unimpressed by their decision.

While there were a variety of unhappy people in the comments, there were also those who jumped to her defence.

“She’s literally said multiple times that she doesn’t ever want kids. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Also, It’s not her job to think about other peoples triggers with her EVERY move, that’s THEIR trigger. Not hers,” one person wrote.

“Six months postpartum and I’m looking like I’m six months pregnant again. Thanks for the confidence boost girl!” another commented.

Another woman said it was obvious that Karina was actually clutching at a food baby and not a real pregnant belly.

The commenter went on: “This little joke is harmless. Priorities people! Take care of yourself, but don't act like innocent people are demons when there are far worse things to worry about in life.

“Merry Christmas to this beautiful woman and her food baby, which let's be real – most of us had at least once over the last few days!!!”

Previously Karina revealed that when she told her 1.2million followers she and Ryan were going to live a child-free lifestyle, she received various hateful messages.

“CHILD-FREE AND HAPPY. I opened up about our choice to be child-free on my Stories yesterday… and, well, WHOA!” she wrote in an old Instagram post.

“These are just a small handful of comments that people were sending to me. FYI… and not that you should need a reminder, but not having children is just as OK as deciding to have them.”

Some people expressed their disappointment in her decision, with some of Karina's followers taking it personally.

“As a person who can’t have kids I’m offended to hear you want to be childless. It’s a blessing,” one person messaged her.

“You’ll grow up one day. Stop posting your a** on Instagram and want 2 [sic] be a good mum,” said another.

A third wrote: “You would be such a great mum! I can’t wait for you to change your mind.”

Despite how hateful some of the messages were, Karina didn’t let it faze her.

“I love nothing more than seeing happy parents loving their children and their choices in life. Just as I love and respect those who decide not to take that path,” she continued.

“And it honestly breaks my heart to see and hear those people who desperately want to have children, be unable to.

“However, just because I might have the ability to be a parent, doesn’t mean that I have an obligation. You understand that, right?"

She added: “Perhaps y’all would be better parents if you respected other people’s decisions about their bodies and their lives."


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