Best sex positions if you're sunburned

The heatwave is in full swing.

If you spent the whole day in the sun and didn’t use sunscreen (we really recommend you do in the future), you’ve probably got some burnt bits on your body.

Being sunburned is not ideal when you want to get freaky in-between the sheets.

All hope is not lost – here is our selection of the best sex positions for when your skin feels like it’s on fire.

Doggy style

It offers minimal contact and won’t cause any rubbing of the shoulders, back or chest (which is normally where most people get the most sun exposure).

Basically, it’s perfect if you’ve burnt pretty much any part of your body apart from your legs.

‘Sex is all about contact, and sunburn…isn’t,’ said Stu Nugent, sex expert at Lelo.

‘If you’re sunburned but still horny, then you have my admiration, and you’ll want sex positions that require as little skin-on-skin contact as possible. No spanking. Your cheeks are red enough already.

‘Doggy-style is likely your best bet. The partner on all fours reduces their contact with the sheets to just their hands and knees, and the partner behind reduces physical contact to only, well, their business end.

‘And they can rub after-sun on your back at the same time, so it’s win-win.’

You could also place a fan in front of the bed to make the sex even better.

The cold shower

Not technically a sex position, but still a marvellous idea.

Bend your partner over in the shower while the water drips down your back or theirs.

Alternatively, you could let the water run for a while first to cool the tiles down and then press your or their body up against it.

‘With a little space between your bodies, you’ll get the refreshing water cooling your skin as well as the pleasure of sex,’ said Stu.

The eagle

Thanks to Love Island’s Curtis Pritchard, this sex position has seen a significant spike in popularity as of late.

There is a myriad of variations, but if you’ve burnt your chest, you’ll probably appreciate the spread eagle the most.

It resembles the missionary position, with one person lying flat on their back (usually the woman) with their legs spread on either side of their partner’s body.

The other person grabs either ankle and holds these in place during the sex.

A definite no-no if you’ve burnt your back though.

Reverse Cowgirl

Regular cowgirl works just as well, but by flipping things about you can avoid friction on the bum.

If the sun has caught your cheeks, spanking is not recommended.

The first serve

This one was invented by Ann Summers, ahead of Wimbledon.

According to the brand, ‘this G-spot targeting position involves minimal effort and maximal pleasure.’

Basically, one person is on their knees, while the other lies on their back and then stretches up against their partner’s body, with their feet up against their partner’s face.

The cold masturbation

If you can’t resist getting up close and personal with your partner, even if it feels like your skin is on fire, try the cold masturbation.

What makes it cold? The bed sheets.

‘Try this: put your bedsheets in the freezer for a couple of hours, put them back, and then just enjoy a little mutual masturbation, laying side by side,’ said Stu.

‘Sex isn’t all about penetration. Especially not when you’re burned stiff.’

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