Best Dressing Gowns For Women 2019 | The Sun UK

DRESSING gowns are a winter essential in every household, and with the winter months drawing near there's nothing women want more than a cosy cover up to keep them warm.

While a fleece robe is the first thing to grab in the cold, dark mornings to take the bitter chill off the early wake up calls, it is also a wardrobe item than can be a lot more playful for a romantic evening in with a loved one – you know where we are going with that one.

The most practical designs are dressing gowns with fleece or towelling, which are perfect for warmth, but also to absorb any moisture when you step out of the bath or shower.

However, some ladies may prefer the silk or satin styles, some of which come with additional lace design, while others may take inspiration from Grease and channel their inner Pink Lady by slipping into the kimono-style for a girls night in.

Dressing gowns come in a vast array of lengths, from short to calf-length or longer for extra warmth when snuggling up on the sofa on the weekend, while some come with the extra addition of a hood.

Safe to say a dressing gown is a must have, with one to suit every occasion.

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