Becky G Loves Billie Eilish’s ‘Hot’ New ‘Barbie’ Song and Gushes That Omar Apollo’s ‘Creative Mind Is From Another Planet’

Becky G is a woman after my own heart — the “Mamiii” singer is a big Omar Apollo fan.

“I love Omar Apollo,” the Latin music star tells me while promoting her new summer partnership with Patrón. “I adore him, and his creative mind is from another planet. I sat down with him, and it’s like, ‘Just talk. Please let it all out. Word vomit!’”

Becky is also very into “What Was I Made For?,” Billie Eilish’s song on the “Barbie” soundtrack. “I’m obsessed with it,” she says. “It came in hot, poppin’. But I also love Billie in general. She’s incredible. She’s someone who kind of, like myself, started off very young in the industry. She’s such a beautiful soul, and I love the way she expresses herself.”

Becky says she’s working on her next album, finding inspiration in her Mexican American heritage. “We have so many songs,” she teases. “I’m ready and have so many more ideas to get together and process.”

And she’s ready to be heard and get what she wants. “It’s super liberating for me as a young woman of color in this industry to know I decide at the end of the day, when and where and how,” Becky says. “It didn’t always go down that way.”

Becky G and Patrón have a long history together. “They helped celebrate my last album release, and I got another situation coming up soon that they’ll help me celebrate as well,” Becky says, possibly referring to her voice work as Khaji-Da in “Blue Beetle,” but not mentioning the film by name because of the SAG-AFTRA strike. “I’ve always been a fan of Patrón,” Becky says, so much so that she named her chihuahua after the tequila brand. “Chihuahuas have such a bossy attitude and Patrón is like the boss.”

Patrón’s latest endeavor with Becky is celebrating National Tequila Day with Patrón Ranch Water made with Patrón Silver, fresh lime juice and sparkling mineral water. “Every family party we have has always been lit, but now it’s different because everybody looks to me to bring the Patrón,” Becky says, laughing.

Could a Becky G Patrón be next? “I just want to play,” she says. “I have so many ideas when it comes to packaging and bottle design. One day maybe. That would be fun.”

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