BBC news: Coronavirus help for parents with BBC Bitesize lessons on iPlayer

The BBC is offering more daily programmes to help parents teach children amid the coronavirus lockdown. As of April 20 parents will be able to access videos, quizzes, podcasts and articles for children on BBC Bitesize.


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These can be found on BBC iPlayer, on BBC Four and BBC Sounds.

The lessons will be held by the likes of BBC favourites Oti Mabuse, Katie Thistleton and Karim Zeroual.

According to BBC director general Tony Hall it is “the biggest education effort the BBC has ever undertaken.”

Presenter Karim Zeroual said: “Lots of people will be enjoying being home with their children, but… parents are trying to build different roles – the mum and dad and the teacher – and that’s really tough.

“I know my sister is struggling with that, I’ve got three nephews and I know for a fact the BBC’s going to help my close friends and family, trying to give people a helping hand.”

There will be six 20 minute programmes daily on English, maths and science and will cater to years one to 10, with the lessons divided up by age group.

More subjects will follow, the BBC claims.

For Year 10s there will be an Instagram live with a teacher.

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This will come as welcome news to parents who are struggling to teach children at home.

Joe Wicks has already had huge success and praise for providing PE lessons children can do at home.

How can you watch Joe Wicks’ PE lessons? 

PE with Joe will be airing every morning this week from today (Monday, March 23) until Friday, March 27.


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Each episode will be airing from 9am and will be lasting for half an hour.

An expert has provided their insight as to how to create a home schooling timetable.

Nicola Anderson, Head of Customer Support at the UK’s leading online tutoring service MyTutor, said: “The environment should be free from distractions and ideally near to an open window, to provide them with consistent levels of fresh air and natural light.

“Some children find it soothing and helpful to have quiet, instrumental music playing in the background to help them to focus, but this isn’t for everyone.”

She added: “Children of all ages thrive on routine and boundaries; schools provide this in abundance and it will make most children feel secure and happy if they can follow a similar timetable for their home-schooling.”

It has been claimed children will stay at home for months amid coronavirus. 

Health Minister Stephen Hammond has warned that schools may not reopen until at least September.

He claimed it is unlikely schools will reopen for the next five months.

Mr Hammond said: “I think in the UK it is unlikely that schools will start again before September, but we will start to see a strategy that allows the lockdown to be lifted.

“This will require us getting the anti-body and anti-gen testing out there more widely so that the Government has a clear view of how many people have had the disease and how many have immunity.

“The testing is, therefore, the key to the whole problem.”

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