Babestation model left with horror injuries after being glassed in a bar

A Babestation model says she was left with horrific injuries after being glassed in a bar.

Zoe Lewis, 28, was enjoying a night out in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, when the horror attack took place.

The glamour model for the TV sex-line station, suffered a deep three-inch cut to her cheek after a Prosecco glass was allegedly hurled at her.

She says a minor wrangle over seating in the venue's smoking area reportedly sparked the violence – which saw the bloodied victim spend the night in A&E.

Devastated Zoe, from Worcester, says she can no longer work due to her facial injury, as Babestation bosses have asked her to recover first.

She was at the Rosie's Reunion garage event with a close friend when she says the 'unprovoked' attack unfolded at around 11pm on Bank Holiday Sunday (August 25).

"Three of us were sat outside and it was really, really busy so as soon as our friend got up to get me a glass of water, two girls took up his one space," she told BirminghamLive.

"As you can imagine it was really tight, there was a lot of people sat around us."

There was a small gap next to Zoe, so she was asked to shuffle along by a group of girls.

She continued: "One of the girls looked at me and said 'excuse me can you just move up please?'

"But I couldn't hear properly, I moved my arms to point and said: 'No sorry because my friend was sat here, so he'll have nowhere to sit when he comes back'.

"Another girl appeared from nowhere, and she sat down on the two girls' lap."

Tensions rose when one of the girls started 'mimicking' Zoe's movements.

Ms Lewis, who is also a barber, explained: "She was just mimicking for a couple of minutes what I was saying, saying – 'no you can't sit there' and gesturing her arms the same as I was."

"We decided to get up and go as I was getting annoyed and my friend said 'come on then, this obviously isn't going to end well'.

"As I stood up she just launched the glass of Prosecco off my head, out of nowhere, she threw it off my head.

"I've never been in a fight before, I thought she slapped me, so I didn't know she'd actually scarred me. My reaction was to get up and go.

"All I remember is trying to get my things and leave. As I was looking around I could just see everyone staring at me. That's when my friend grabbed me and said: 'You're bleeding, you need an ambulance.'

"I was just in sheer shock."

Zoe was quickly covered in pouring blood and was taken by ambulance to hospital – where she stayed from 11.30pm until 5.30am.

Meanwhile, the alleged attacker reportedly 'disappeared' from the bar without being arrested.

The victim has been left with an L-shaped scar on the side of her face, which could leave her out of pocket for up to two weeks as Babestation has told her to stay off work until it heals.

"They glued it together, they said I needed stitches but they'd have to shave my hair to do that and I didn't want that," the model said.

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