Adult star mortified as uncle finds clip of her – then asks if she has OnlyFans

A porn star shared the awkward moment when her uncle found out what she does for a living – then asked if she has an OnlyFans.

X-rated actress Karlie Brooks claimed she managed to go for five years without any of her family knowing what she does as a job.

But that all changed when she received a message from her uncle.

The brunette bombshell shared the cringe worthy text to her 57,000 TikTok followers which of course has shocked many.

Karlie explained in the clip, that has now racked up a whopping 7.7 million views, that she evaded suspicion from her family until she received the following text from the uncle.

He asked: “Hey kiddo! This is your uncle. I think I might have stumbled across a video of you today…very nice.

“Do you happen to know Riley Reid? Also do you have an OnlyFans? My friend wants to know."

Well that just made the next family gathering very awkward!

Since being posted, Karlie has received a barrage of hate from trolls about her career.

But others have been left shocked at the ‘creepy’ Uncle’s comments.

And so, many people fled to the comments to offer some support to the adult star.

One person commented: “Why open with ‘kiddo’!!?”

Another user added: “I’m sorry about all these men, I’m sorry your uncle was being like that you don’t deserve it.”

Whilst a third person pointed out: “The fact he said “very nice” makes my body fold in on itself.”

Someone else shared: “If my uncle sent this to me. I would flat out tell everyone. That’s messed up.”

As a fifth person remarked: “Sorry he’s creepy. I hope he doesn’t out you to the rest of your family. If you think he will, get in front of it and tell them first but f*** anyones opinions.”

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