A Peek Inside The Most Expensive Things Owned By Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson has been able to blend her incredible vocals with her acting skills to become one of Hollywood’s biggest double threats. Best known for her roles in the movies Dreamgirls, as well as The Secret Life Of Bees, Hudson has immersed herself in the entertainment industry and consistently gives her audience performances that blow their minds and keep them wanting more. She’s been performing since she was just seven years old as part of her church choir in Chicago, and she has come a very long way since then. Hudson now boasts an astounding $30 million net worth, and this is how she spends her enormous fortune…

Chicago Mansion: $3 Million

Jennifer Hudson has deep roots in her hometown of Chicago, and in spite of amassing a huge fortune, she has stayed true to her roots. After years of working hard to advance her career in entertainment, Jennifer Hudson invested in a massive mansion in the southwest suburbs of Illinois and now lives in a luxurious home in Chicago that sprawls over an impressive 12,000 square feet. She has plenty of room for entertaining and hosting guests for overnight stays, too.

Her enormous home has a total of 16 rooms, inclusive of 6 oversized bedrooms with breathtaking views and six full bathrooms with all the bells and whistles. She also has 2.5 half bathrooms within her home, and of course, a house of this size comes equipped with not one but two laundry rooms.

Hudson’s home also features a floating curved staircase in the front foyer that’s designed to impress guests upon their entrance. Visitors are able to enjoy the game room, expansive library, home theatre, and all of the amenities that you’d expect from a mansion of such epic proportions. She also happens to have a six-car garage, and here’s what she keeps inside…

GMC Yukon & Cadillac Escalade: $140,000

Hudson especially adores her GMC Yukon, which boasts three rows of spacious seating that can accommodate up to 9 passengers with ease. Her Yukon has signature lighting and is powered by a 6.2 L V8 engine that packs an astounding 620 horsepower. In spite of its weight, the power behind this SUV is undeniable, and it can reach 0-60 in less than 5.8 seconds. The top speed on this beast is 112 miles per hour.

Her Designer Engagement Ring

Among the most expensive and prized possessions in Jennifer Hudson’s collection is her massive Platinum Neil Lane engagement ring. As far as blinged-out rings go, this one is definitely one to brag about. This gorgeous sparkler is comprised of a 5-carat center stone and is enhanced by 50 cave set diamonds that shine all around the center stone, bringing even more attention to its beauty.

Hudson wears this stunning ring with pride but has kept the value of this precious piece of jewelry to herself.

Wrist Bling

Given the fact that she has such an enormous ring on her finger, Jennifer Hudson also felt the need to decorate her wrist with some bling, and she wants all out to do so. One of her favorite bracelets is a Cartier Ballon Bleu, 18k Pink Gold Automatic ladies’ watch. This gorgeous timepiece has 18 carats of pink bling and pink gold encasing the roman numerals within it.

Of course, Jennifer Hudson is a fan of bling, and there’s no such thing as having too much. She accents this gorgeous expensive watch with an 18-carat bracelet worth $11,300.

Ear Bling

Jennifer Hudson’s passion for diamonds doesn’t end with her watch and wrist glam. She also happens to have a very pricey collection of diamond earrings that are the envy of many. She has one particular pair of diamond chandelier earrings that she has put on full display when she attends red carpet events. The oversized, stunning sparklers are worth a jaw-dropping total of $40,000. That’s correct! She wears $20,000 on each ear!

When Hudson wants to switch things up and wear expensive earrings that are most subtle in their design, she adorns her Lorraine Schwartz Diamond earrings that contain an impressive 115 carats within them.

A Very Expensive Safety Pin

This may seem like an odd thing to have, but to Jennifer Hudson, it was an important purchase. She has a safety pin that she purchased for $1,000, which is pretty expensive considering it really is just a safety pin!

Hudson was impressed by the styling of the LF safety pin, and she had to make it hers. She was well aware of the fact that it was a selfish, super expensive way of spending her money, but after coming from a simple life where there wasn’t an opportunity to indulge in non-essentials this way, she felt she had earned the right to make a few strange purchases, simply for the sake of enjoying the moment.

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