50 Cent’s $1 Billion ‘Power’ Lawsuit Is Headed to Mediation

50 Cent may be close to settling one of several lawsuits he’s involved with. According to reports, the pending lawsuit surrounding the series he co-produces, Power Book II: Ghost, is headed to mediation.

The lawsuit was originally filed in April 2021 by Corey Holland Sr., who’s also known as Ghost. He named 50 Cent as well as the show’s creator Courtney Kemp and Starz network as defendants.

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Holland alleges that the show was inspired by him, specifically the seventh season of Power and the first two seasons of Power Book II: Ghost. He claims Kemp received a copy of his CD Blasphemy after it was gifted to her father in 2007, leading her to use it to inspire the original Power series and its spin-off.

Holland was originally seeking $1 billion in damages for stolen intellectual property.

This isn’t the only shocking allegation Holland is making in the lawsuit. He also says that 50 Cent showed up at his house after the case was filed and tried to get in a physical fight. 50 Cent has not directly addressed the claims.

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A court recently determined that the parties need to attend mediation to attempt to resolve the conflict, as 50 Cent’s legal team failed to directly respond to the complaint in court.

It’s unclear when the mediation process will begin, but reports say it could be as early as next month.

Interestingly, this isn’t the only lawsuit 50 Cent is involved with currently. In December, it was reported he filed a lawsuit against a Florida plastic surgeon for using his likeness to promote her business.

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After taking a selfie with Dr. Angela Kogan following services in 2020 at her med spa, she allegedly used the image for advertisement without proper permission. One ad in particular spurred a rumor that the rapper saw her for penile enlargement services, which he denies.

In another case, 50 Cent successfully sued an employee who allegedly embezzled $2 million from his Sire Spirits company. The rapper was recently given permission by the court to seize the employee’s assets (like homes, cars etc.) as compensation for the crime.

50 Cent clearly isn’t scared to launch a legal battle or fight back. Last year, he said he’d paid over $23 million in legal fees since 2003, and from the looks of it, that number is only going to continue to rise.


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